2022-23 College Basketball Conference Preview: ACC Fantasy Outlook

2022-23 College Basketball Conference Preview: ACC Fantasy Outlook

It wasn’t the best of seasons for the ACC in 2021-22, as Duke and North Carolina carried the conference into the NCAA Tournament, but outside of those two teams, there was little success in the final stages of the Big Dance. There were some interesting stories surrounding some teams like Miami and Wake Forest, and the struggles of teams like Pittsburgh and Boston College were also known nationally. Going through all the ups and downs, though, the ACC had another uninspiring season.

Whether that changes in the 2022-23 campaign remains to be seen. Of course, the Tar Heels return most of their starters for another season and are poised for another title run, with the goal being either the NCAA title game or a berth in the bracket. Duke will need to start from scratch after losing 80 percent of its starting lineup in the 2022 NBA draft, and teams like Virginia and Miami could turn a few heads here and there. But the rest of the conference division is pretty underwhelming, and there aren’t many teams worthy of making some noise nationally, let alone getting potential sleepers or dark horses for the (unlikely) playoffs. Every year comes with a Cinderella story, but this year’s opportunity doesn’t come from the ACC.

Which groups lead the conference? Will the Tar Heels and Blue Devils respond to the huge expectations on their shoulders? What will happen to teams like Virginia Tech and Florida State, two teams that might have enough in them to crack the NCAA tournament if a few breaks go their way? And will programs like Pittsburgh and Boston College bounce back after terrible seasons in 2021-22? Without further ado, let’s dive into our overall 2022-23 ACC preview.

Top players

in general – Armando Bacot.C, North Carolina

Bacot, the overall winner of the ACC Player of the Year award, has signs of being a “man on a mission” in 2022-23. The goal is clear – before choosing to jump to the NBA, he intends to take the Tar Heels to a national championship. Bacot is probably one of the best players in UNC history, which is no small thing, and he’s probably one of the best — if not the best — two-way player in the conference, by a wide margin, making him a strong option. The No. 1 overall pick in national fantasy formats. Bacote rebounds everything in sight (albeit in a rematch after that) and was a top-10 scorer in the conference last season, averaging 16.3 points. He’s a good passer, protects the rim well enough — tied for fifth last season with 1.7 blocks per game — and his high motor allows him to be a problem for opposing defenders without a solution. If he doesn’t miss any serious time due to injury, Bacot should be in with a chance to win Player of the Year honors, potentially cementing his legacy among UNC’s best players in his last year. the program.

It also takes into account: Jayden GardnerF, Virginia; Caleb LoveG, North Carolina; Isaiah WongG, Miami; Terquavion SmithG, North Carolina State; Joe GirardG, Syracuse

Scoring: Terquavion SmithG, North Carolina State

Armando Bacot. He averaged 16.3 points last season and is expected to play a bigger role offensively for the conference’s best program this season, so he could easily lead this division, but in terms of pure scoring, then Smith should be the go-to option here. Smith chose to return to NC State — a questionable decision given his projected first-round pick in the 2022 NBA draft — and is coming off a solid season in 2021-22, where he averaged 16.3 points. He did in one game as a backup, but against a team that wasn’t as dominant as UNC. As a reminder, Smith had a 26.1 percent usage rate last year. Dereon Seabron With the same backcourt and Sebron going to the NBA, Smith’s usage rate should jump even more. In other words, expect him to put up huge numbers while still being one of college basketball’s best shooters.

It also takes into account: Isaiah WongG, Miami; Caleb LoveG, North Carolina; Joe GirardG, Syracuse; Devin WilliamsonG, Wake Forest; Nigel packageG, Miami

Restoration: Armando Bacot.C, North Carolina

When we say that no center stands on the same level as Bakot, his numbers and growth in the 2021-22 season should be enough to believe that this is true. And that’s especially true in the rebounding area of ​​the game, as he comfortably led the ACC with 13.1 boards per game last season. To put things into perspective, he was the second best rebounder in the conference. Dereon Seabron, from NC State, “little” 8.2 rebounds per contest. It’s unclear whether any player is ready to challenge Bakot for the crown this season, so it’s fair to consider him the best rebounder in the conference — and by a wide margin.

It also takes into account: John HughleyC, Pittsburgh; Nate LaszewskiF, Our Lady; TJ BickerstaffF, Boston College; Derek LivelyC, Duke; Justin MuttsF Virginia Tech

Help: Jeremy RoachGee, Duke

What stands out in the ACC is the number of quality pass rushers in the conference, as are names. Isaiah Wong, Reece Beekman, Clark was shocked And RJ Davis All are thriving in their respective groups. However, Roach is likely to have a solid year with the Blue Devils and it wouldn’t be a surprise if he ends up leading the ACC in assists per game by the end of the 2022-23 season. He struggled for consistency at times in the previous campaign, and while he averaged just 3.2 assists per game in 2021-22, it’s worth noting that that number increased to 4.0 assists per game during the NCAA tournament. Knowing he’ll be the undisputed ball-handler in an offense full of new faces, and as one of the most veteran players on the Blue Devils’ roster, Roach could be in line for a big year with a little consistency.

It also takes into account: Clark was shockedG, Virginia; Reece BeekmanG, Virginia; Prentiss HubbG, Our Lady; Tyree ApplebyG, Wake Forest; Joe GirardG, Syracuse

middle Armando Bacot.C, UNC

It’s hard to say what we haven’t talked about in this article alone, but as the undisputed favorite to win the ACC Player of the Year award, he should be considered the best center in the conference, and by a wide margin once again. He also ranks among the league’s top centers in blocks per game while leading all centers in points per game, rebounding and field goal percentage (though he’s nowhere near Mark Williams’ impressive 2.8 blocks per contest). With Bacot leaving UNC and Williams at the NCAA level to play in the NBA, Bacot’s position as the best position in the ACC should not be under any question.

It also takes into account: Jesse EdwardsC, Syracuse; John HughleyC, Pittsburgh; Derek LivelyC, Duke; Kyle FilovskyC, Duke

Hot guys: Darrick WhiteheadGee, Duke

There are plenty of quality freshmen entering the ACC before the 2022-23 season, but none appear to be at Whitehead’s level — at least based on talent and high school numbers. He had to worry about being the “next big freshman” outside of Duke, managing what comes with being a player everyone looks up to at one of the biggest programs in the country, but if he can handle the pressure, he could turn into the next Zion Williamson. Paolo Banchero Or RJ Barrett, then he should be fine. As he is now, he is expected to be one of the best players in the country and should definitely be the best freshman in college basketball. He’s extremely polished for his age, and while he’s not the best defender out there, he can certainly get the job done. Much of his potential lies in what he can do offensively. Whitehead is a true three-tier scorer who could be the best scorer on a championship team. That’s good with what Duke is looking for in 2022-23.

Editor’s note: Whitehead suffered a broken foot that required surgery in late August, and while it seems certain that Duke won’t be out for an extended period of time, fantasy managers may want to consider other options for their freshman — in a league that needs them — or otherwise. At least downgrade Whitehead.

It also takes into account: Derek LivelyC, Duke; Kyle FilovskyC, Duke; Mark MitchellF, Duke; JJ StallingsG, Our Lady; Judah MintzG, Syracuse; Dior JohnsonG, Pittsburgh; Seth TrimbleG, North Carolina; Jalen WashingtonC, North Carolina; Rodney RiceG., Virginia Tech

People who sleep

Matt ClevelandG, Florida State

The Seminoles suffered an injury-plagued 2021-22 season and are coming back poised to take the ACC by storm this campaign, and Cleveland will no doubt play a big role in what Florida State ultimately accomplishes. The former five-star prospect enters his sophomore year as he shot little from beyond the arc last season but averaged 11.5 points and 4.6 rebounds in 26.1 minutes in 29 games (eight starts). He is also a stellar defender with a large wingspan that allows him to guard multiple positions. All signs point to Cleveland being a player to watch in the ACC this year.

Isaiah WongG, Miami

Wong is one of the best pick-and-roll crews in the country, and that alone makes him a huge asset in an offense where spacing is absolutely key. He is expected to be one of the frontrunners for the Hurricanes in a season where the program promises to make some noise, and he may not be clean as a passer. Jeremy Roach Or some promising guards in the conference, it wouldn’t be a shock if he ends up as one of the best floor generals in the ACC after the season is over. He averaged 15.3 points, 4.3 rebounds and 2.0 assists last season. That almost puts him past “sleeper” status, but we consider him a potential “sleeper” to lead the nation in scoring and be an All-American, even if key transfers add to Miami’s backcourt.

Dane GoodwinG/F, Notre Dame

There are plenty of shooters in college basketball, and the ACC is no exception, but Goodwin is in a league of his own when it comes to that. He was elite in every shooting category, but the advanced metrics supported him as well, as Goodwin shot over 50 percent on catch-and-shoot opportunities, while at Synergy, that number rose to 57 percent in unguarded looks. The veteran, who returned to the Fighting Irish for his fifth season, averaged a career-best 13.6 points, 4.7 rebounds and 1.3 assists while converting 45.8 percent of his 4.4 three-point attempts per game. He’s definitely considered a sleeper to crack first-team all-ACC.


DJ BurnsF, North Carolina State

By knocking off the Winthrop Eagles, the 2021-22 Southern Player of the Year, Burns made the jump to the ACC with big goals in mind. Burns, the Big South Rookie of the Year, averaged 15.0 points, 4.5 rebounds and 1.1 assists last season and has wasted no time in finding a new home following his departure from Winthrop. His conditioning may be an issue, and some believe he could be a liability on the defensive end, but he could erase those concerns with a strong offensive season. After all, Burns shot 62.6 percent from the field in 2021-22 and shot 60 percent from the field during his time with the Eagles.

Jaylan GaineyF, Florida State

Gainey is the latest Ivy League star to make the jump to a Power 5 conference, and should be one of the best transfers to the ACC, and his two-way ability will give the Seminoles a nice boost on both ends of the court. . Gainey is a 6-foot-9 big man who is at his best around the rim, and given his resume, he should make a big impact on defense — he’s a two-time Ivy League Defensive Player of the Year. . However, the loss should not be taken lightly. Although his numbers were somewhat pedestrian — he averaged 9.3 points, 6.9 rebounds and 2.1 blocks per game — it’s worth noting that he shot an impressive 70.3 percent from the field in 2021-22.

Norchad Omier – Miami; Omier is a highly decorated prospect from the transfer portal who earned 2020-21 Player of the Year honors and the Sun Belt Player of the Year and Defensive Player of the Year with the Arkansas State Redwolves. Annual awards in 2021-22, putting together an impressive stat line across the board and emerging as an elite two-way threat. Omier averaged 17.9 points, 12.2 rebounds (including 4.0 offensive boards per game), 1.9 blocks and 1.6 steals this past season. In addition Nigel package It should also give Miami a big boost, with Omier having the potential to play a big role with the team right away. One thing worth noting is analyzing whether Omier’s game can fully translate to the ACC after his rise in competition, but even if that doesn’t happen, he should play a big role against Miami.

Ben Vander PlasF, Virginia

Vander Plass is a sought-after name outside of the transfer portal, earning All-MAC honors in the MAC during his four-year college stint with the Ohio Bobcats, which should give Cavaliers fans reason to cheer. Those times. The 6-foot-8, versatile forward averaged 14.3 points, 6.8 rebounds and 3.1 assists in 2021-22, shooting 45.7 percent from the field and 33.8 percent from the three-point arc. There’s no question that Vander Plass should provide a boost on the offensive end for his scoring prowess, and even if those numbers aren’t exactly replicated in the ACC, given the quality of the competition, he should still be good to play. A consistent role with Virginia.

Pete NanceF, North Carolina

Transferred from Northwestern to UNC, he averaged 14.6 points, 6.5 rebounds, 2.7 assists and 1.1 blocks per game last season, shooting 45.2 percent from three-point land and 49.7 percent from beyond in 2021-22, and was arguably the Wildcats’ best player. field. After putting up career-best numbers in the Big Ten, he’ll have a chance to play a big role on an ACC team that should be the favorite for the national championship. Nance is expected to come off North Carolina’s bench, so he won’t have a chance to repeat those numbers with the Tar Heels, but that shouldn’t take anything away from the impact he could have on the program. Essentially, he fills a similar role to Brady Manek from last year’s national championship runner-up team.

It also takes into account: Nigel packageG, Miami; Grant BasileF, Virginia Tech; Marcus HammondG, Our Lady

Top 10 players

1. Armando Bacot. – North Carolina
2. Jayden Gardner – Virginia
3. Isaiah Wong – Miami
4. Darrick Whitehead – Duke
5. RJ Davis – North Carolina
6. Jeremy Roach – Duke
7. Terquavion Smith – State of North Carolina
8. PJ Hall – Clemson
9. Caleb Mills – State of Florida
10. Caleb Love – North Carolina

*Note: These rankings are at the discretion of the article author and may not correspond to RotoWire’s official 2022-23 player rankings.

Planned group levels

1. North Carolina Tar Heels
2. Duke Blue Devils
3. Virginia Cavaliers
4. Miami Hurricanes
5. Virginia Tech Hokies
6. Florida State Seminoles
7. Notre Dame Fighting Irish
8. Awaken the forest demon deacons
9. Clemson Tigers
10. Louisville Cardinals
11. Syracuse Orange
12. North Carolina State Wolfpack
13. Pittsburgh Panthers
14. Boston College Eagles
15. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

Scheduled group rotations

first name last name School position
Mackay Ashton-Langford Boston College G
Demar Langford Boston College G
TJ Bickerstaff Boston College F
Quinten Paste Boston College C
Jayden Zachary Boston College G
Mason Madsen Boston College G
Prince Alive Boston College F
Donald hand Boston College G
Hunter Tyson Clemson F
PJ Hall Clemson F
Alex Hemenway Clemson G
chase Hunter Clemson G
Brewin Galloway Clemson G
Josh Biddle Clemson G
Dillon Hunter Clemson G
Ian Schefflein Clemson F
Benny Middlebrooks Clemson F
Jeremy Roach Duke G
Jacob Grandson Duke G
Darric White head Duke F
Kyle Filipovski Duke C
Derrick Alive Duke C
Make a mark Mitchell Duke F
Ryan Young man Duke F
Jayden ruins Duke G
Tyre Proctor Duke G
Matt Cleveland Florida St. F
Caleb Mills Florida St. G
John Warley Florida St. G
Darren green Florida St. G
Cameron Fletcher Florida St. F
Nahim McLeod Florida St. F
Cameron Coren Florida St. C
Jaylan Gainey Florida St. F
blind Coleman Georgia Tech G
Rodney Howard Georgia Tech C
Kyle Sturdivant Georgia Tech G
Lance Terry Georgia Tech G
Javan Franklin Georgia Tech F
Jordan fact Georgia Tech F
Devon Smith Georgia Tech G
Miles Kelly Georgia Tech G
Jillian They wither. Louisville F
of Ellis Louisville G
Sydney Curry Louisville F
Brandon Huntley-Hatfield Louisville F
Yesterday Lands Louisville F
JJ Traynor Louisville F
Roosevelt Wheeler Louisville C
Mike James Louisville F
Devin Re Louisville F
Isaiah Wong Miami G
Harlond Beverly Miami G
Anthony Walker Miami F
does not package Miami G
Jordan Miller Miami F
North Chad Omier Miami F
AJ Casey Miami F
Low places Poplar Miami G
Bensley Joseph Miami G
Casey Morsel NC State G
Terquavion Smith NC State G
Jarkle Rival NC State G
Ebony Dowona NC State G
twelve Mahorsik NC State C
DJ It burns. NC State F
Jack Clark NC State F
Ernest Ross NC State F
Brain to pass NC State G
Greg Ganta NC State F
Caleb Love North Carolina G
leaking black North Carolina G
Armondo mouth North Carolina F
RJ Davis North Carolina G
Pet Nance North Carolina F
Justin McCoy North Carolina F
Poof Johnson North Carolina F
woman Trim it North Carolina G
Prentiss Hub Our Lady G
Cormac Ryan Our Lady G
Danny Good Our Lady G
Tre Wertz Our Lady G
Marcus Hammond Our Lady G
Nate Lasevsky Our Lady F
JJ Starling Our Lady F
Nike Sibande Pittsburgh G
Beginners Burton Pittsburgh G
John Hagley Pittsburgh C
Nelly Cummings Pittsburgh G
Dior Johnson Pittsburgh G
Blake Hinson Pittsburgh F
William Jeffers Pittsburgh G
Greg Eliot Pittsburgh G
Joe Girard Syracuse G
will be considered. Torrance Syracuse G
Benny Williams Syracuse F
Jesse Edwards Syracuse C
Judah Mintz Syracuse F
John Was Invite Syracuse F
Justin Taylor Syracuse F
It’s cool. Clark Virginia G
Arman Franklin Virginia G
Reese Beekman Virginia G
Francesco Cafaro Virginia C
woman Shedrick Virginia F
Jayden Gardner Virginia F
Cody Statesman Virginia G
Ben Vander Plas Virginia F
Justin Mutts Virginia Tech F
Hunter Cator Virginia Tech G
Darius Maddox Virginia Tech G
Grant Basil Virginia Tech F
Sean Pedula Virginia Tech G
Rodney Rice Virginia Tech G
Mylaijael can Virginia Tech F
John Camden Virginia Tech F
Divine Williamson Wake forest G
Blood vessels Monsanto Wake forest G
Tyre Appleby Wake forest G
Andrew Kar Wake forest F
Davion Bradford Wake forest F
Jao Dispersion Wake forest G
Cameron Hildreth Wake forest G
Matthew Gear Wake forest F

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