2022 Report Card: Kevin Rooney

2022 Report Card: Kevin Rooney


It’s no secret that centerfield depth has been a piece of the puzzle the Rangers have needed over the last few years. They probably knew Kevin Rooney wasn’t going to solve all of their problems when they traded him in 2020, but he had some upside as a cheap option during his rebuilding years. Unfortunately, the Rangers quickly outgrew him and he has since found a new home in Calgary.

Boxcar Stats: 78 GP, 6 G, 6 A, 71 SOG, 13:56 TOI/GP, 18 PIM, 10 Penalty Difference

Rooney has never been quiet about the fact that his value isn’t really found in the stat sheet or box score. on the Curios competitive podcastHe talked about his time at Providence College when he met Jack Eichel, he knew he wouldn’t be better than him, so he could prove his worth in other ways.

Since college, he’s tried to carve out a role for himself as a valuable penalty killer and will soon be able to play an enforcement role—yes, even on a team with Ryan Reaves.

The problem for him is that the Rangers haven’t needed a replacement to be that guy this season. They were scoring and defending, and they basically packed it in, started the bus, gassed it up and took it all off before Rooney took it apart. It may be the same player who got the highest rating from us last year, but the team around him was great a lot of Different.

The 29-year-old has played in 61 games at the senior level this season, and has averaged more time on the ice than before, but has shown more damage than productivity in that time. At a time when everyone was showing themselves to be important… he didn’t.

There wasn’t much room for Rooney to score as many goals or shoot as much. Much of his effort, though, was aimed at being a force on the Rangers’ penalty kill, which ranked among the top ten special teams in the NHL this season. Along with Barkley Goodrow, when healthy, Rooney has allowed his workmanlike puck skills to float through this Rangers squad. The problem was that when he didn’t do that, it was almost a loss.

He had a career-low faceoff percentage (which doesn’t say much against this team, to be fair), took fewer penalties than last year, and, frankly, didn’t kill penalties as efficiently. ..By the way, he didn’t do much in front of the Vezina winner…he was just there.

Rooney has also been sidelined for more than a month after picking up an injury during a regular season game against the Blues in March. It wasn’t the same when he returned to push for the game.

In the game, Rooney scored just two points and took ten penalty minutes.

At the end of their playoff run, it seemed like every Ranger got behind the microphone at media day with ‘unfinished business’, and Kevin Rooney was no exception. Although his sentiments were appreciated, he eventually signed a two-year deal with the Calgary Flames in mid-July. Not many hearts are broken in New York.

Author Rating: F

Banter Consensus: D-

I’m sorry if this sounds a bit mean but I don’t know if I have any final thoughts because I don’t know if I really have anything to say. Rooney has played a cheap fourth-line center who can eat time on the clock and throw down the gloves with the best for a few years, but if Ryans and the trade deadline acquisitions prove anything, it’s that even within. In this regard, this team can be much better. Maybe they already have. So I simply wish Kevin Rooney the best in Calgary, hopefully he packs up his cowboy hats.

And hey, at least he gave us one. Best memories In recent years.

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