6’9″ LeBron James and 6’2″ Arnold Schwarzenegger talk about their close bond as co-founders of Ladder.

6’9″ LeBron James and 6’2″ Arnold Schwarzenegger talk about their close bond as co-founders of Ladder.


While working with LeBron James, Arnold Schwarzenegger discovered what kind of “masculine character” the Lakers star is.

LeBron James And Arnold Schwarzenegger They are two of the biggest icons in the world. While the latter popularized the art of bodybuilding and inspired millions around the world, the basketball star revolutionized the game by making it smaller than ever before.

For those who don’t know, both these megastars are totally related. The two invested in Lobos 1707 Tequila. Over the years, Arnold has been seen attending Bron’s games. However, the NBA star began appearing at Schwarzenegger’s organization’s fundraiser – the Arnold All-Star.

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The two legends came together and co-founded Ladder – a multi-million dollar sports nutrition company. And in a recent interview, the 7-time Mr. Olympia winner spoke about the bond they’ve formed thanks to their work together.

“I know LeBron James”: Arnold Schwarzenegger

when talking”People”, Arnold said about his relationship with the 4-time NBA MVP. The 5-time Mr. Universe winner talks about how he discovered Bron’s “character”:

“I know LeBron… not just what you see on TV when he plays the game, but the character of the man.”

The 75-year-old icon went on to mention how the King’s commitment to transparency has been an inspiration behind the scenes:

“The reason I’m interested in LeBron is because he doesn’t have the ability to find anything in his protein or in a supplement that would improve him, he might have some kind of drug,” Schwarzenegger said..

Finally, Arnold talked about how he and James worked with experts throughout the process:

“We (LeBron and Arnold) aren’t the smartest guys in town when it comes to this kind of science. We know what we want, but the guys who are really the experts, put these formulas together, and we work very closely with them. I think that’s what sets it apart.”

Later in 2021, they sold the company to digital fitness platform Openfit. However, the two are actively involved in the company’s operations and campaign on social media.

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