7-Foot Shaquille O’Neal Draws Funniest Illustration of Phil Jackson’s Meditation Sessions to Cannabis

7-Foot Shaquille O’Neal Draws Funniest Illustration of Phil Jackson’s Meditation Sessions to Cannabis

NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal hilariously recounted attending former coach Phil Jackson’s meditation session.

It is not wrong to say this Shaquille O’Neal He enjoyed most of his success wearing a purple and gold uniform. The Hall of Famer played 8-seasons with the LA Lakers, winning 3 championships and being Finals MVP each time. His combination Kobe Bryant. It was nothing short of hilarious.

The Diesel can establish itself as the most dominant player the league has ever seen. Talking about Shaq’s greatness, one cannot ignore the contribution of veteran coach Phil Jackson. A top 15 coach of all time, the Zen master helped channel the former seven-foot center’s powers.

Phil coached Shaq for five seasons with the Lakers, during which the latter achieved an all-time great. A physical specimen, Big Aristotle was gifted with impressive athletic ability and cat-like movements. However, O’Neill’s potential remained untapped until the arrival of the Zen Master.

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In a recent interview with Graham Benzinger, Shaq happily revealed one of Phil’s ever-helpful rebuilding techniques for the Lakers roster.

“Being in the gut, I know what cannabis smells like”: Shaquille O’Neal draws an example while meditating with Phil Jackson.

One of the greatest basketball minds, Phil Jackson was known for his calm and non-confrontational demeanor. The Zen Master was the architect behind two of the most successful dynasties in the Bulls and Lakers. The oldest record holder is not a plural number. NBA titles as a head coach, with eleven rings.

The four-time ASG head coach not only trains his players on the physical aspects of the game but also prepares them mentally for stressful situations. So it’s no surprise that Phil had a strong belief in spirituality, which he encouraged as a coach.

After spending his prime with Phil, Shaq recounted adopting the former’s meditation techniques.

“Being from the hood, I know what cannabis smells like, so he (Phil) had something related to cannabis, whatever the hell that means,” Shaq told Graham Benzinger, explaining that Shaq is wise.

“So[Phil]comes in and says, ‘Okay, close your eyes,’ so I’m like w**d? You’ll be twice as tired from giving birth the night before, but it’s always worth it. ”

While Diesel may have found Phil’s meditation class interesting at first, he understood its benefits. With the growing awareness of mental health among players today, The Zen Master was definitely ahead of his time.

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