A look back at Travis Hamonic’s Isles trade

A look back at Travis Hamonic’s Isles trade


It has been five years since it started New York Islands Done Travis Hamonic to the Calgary Flames. Hamonic spent seven seasons suiting up for the Blue and Orange and quickly became a fan favorite. Hamonic has made an impact on the team since becoming an everyday player, becoming one of the Isles’ best defenders, often matching the opposition’s top line.

In the year In 2015, there were rumors that Hamonic was looking to move away from the Islands to join the Western Canadian team. In the year On November 19, 2015, Hamonic announced that he had requested a trade to move closer to his home in Manitoba, citing personal reasons.

“I wish I had the chance to talk to them and they didn’t see it online at first, but it is what it is and those things can’t be changed, unfortunately. It was difficult, I guess you can ask them. But I hope anyone in that situation is very understanding about the personal situation. it was . “

Travis Hamonic

According to an episode of ESPN’s E:60 series, Hamonic lost his father at age 10. The Hamonics had a farm in their hometown of St. Malo, Manitoba, run by Travis’ father.

Shortly after Travis’ father passed, the family sold the farm and moved to Winnipeg. It will later be revealed that the illness in the Hamonic family first leads to the business question. Former GM Garth snow Knowing about the situation with his father and how much his family means to him, he tries to honor Hamonic’s request, while also getting as good a return for the islands as possible.

Six months later, the Islanders were soon eliminated from the Stanley Cup Playoffs by the A Tampa Bay Lightning, Hamonic announced the cancellation of the trade request. Hamonic made it clear that the situation at home has stabilized and that he is ready to resume his work as an Islander.

The organization just won its first playoff game in 22 years, and now their star defenseman has committed to the organization. Morale was high among supporters with a glimmer of hope at the end of the long dark tunnel the organization has been through for the past two decades.

“I love being an Islander. This is my home. My family loves it. We enjoy living here. Obviously, I love my teammates and I love them. I love this organization. I said it the other day, being an Islander is one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life and I’m even more excited for next year’s training camp. I couldn’t.

Travis Hamonic

Although Hamonic has publicly announced that he no longer wants to be in business, it turns out that his heart will always be close to his family in Manitoba and he prefers to be closer to home.

Following another season in which the Isles failed to qualify for the Stanley Cup Playoffs, Snow revisited a potential trade for Hamonic. During the 2017 NHL Entry Draft, An agreement has been reached with the Calgary Flames to send Snow Hamonic to Western Canada They would trade a fourth-round pick in ’19 or ’20, a first-round pick in ’18, a second-round pick in ’18, and a second-round pick in ’19 or ’20.

“I won’t tell Travis. We’ve talked a lot when we’ve been together. Those will be between Travis and myself. We think he’s in a good position to play for his family and the Isles. I had a solid comeback. I think it’s a win for both teams.”

Former Isles GM, Garth Snow

Fast forward five years and Harmonic has played for three different organizations across Canada. After spending just three seasons in Calgary, Hamonic signed with the Vancouver Canucks. Hamonic was left unclaimed on the Canucks’ docket before the start of the 2021-22 season. At the trade deadline, to Ottawa Senators, where he joins Senators assistant coach and former Islanders head coach; Jack Capuno.

The islanders from the returning flame, GM Lou Lamoriello Continue to choose Noah Dobson (12th overall in 2018) Ruslan Iskakov (43rd overall in 2018), and Samuel Bolduc (57th overall in 2019).

Dobson has become one of the Isles’ most valuable players in his short time on Long Island as he seeks a new contract with the organization after posting a career-best 51 points in 2021-22.

Iskakov and Bolduc are yet to make their debuts for the Isles, but Bolduc looks set for a chance with the big club next season. In training camp before the start of the 2020-21 season, Bolduc left an impression on the Islanders’ front office. He will be one of the last players cut in the shortened NHL season.

Bolduc didn’t get another chance to impress as an undisclosed injury kept him out of training camp next season. Barring any injuries on the Isles’ blue line, Bolduch could see a call-up at some point in the upcoming season. Iskakov will make his North American debut this season for the Bridgeport Islanders. Signing a two-year entry-level contract in May.

Although Snow’s 12 years with the Islanders have been heavily criticized, this trade may be the lasting impression left on the organization from his time at the helm of the Isles. As Hamonic becomes a bit of a nomad across Canada, Dobson has become one of the league’s brightest young defensemen and could be a future Norris Trophy candidate.

Hamonic was a significant part of the Isles organization for seven seasons. But he will be most remembered for the trip he received in response to the team’s offer to move to Western Canada.

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