After 2 long years, the reopened border allows Canadian race fans to return to MIS

After 2 long years, the reopened border allows Canadian race fans to return to MIS


Brooklyn, MI – After two long years, the Canadians are back at Michigan International Speedway, and they are welcoming with open arms.

MIS is located 70 miles from the border and is the closest NASCAR Cup Series track for many Canadian fans. In the year In 2020 and 2021, the US closed its borders due to Covid-19, leaving Canadian fans stranded and unable to watch the tournament.

No fans attended the 2020 race as it was closed to spectators due to the pandemic.

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However, Canadians are back on track in 2022 and are ready for the Firehouse Casino 400 NASCAR race weekend from August 6 to 7. That includes Toronto resident George Kleinsteiber, who is ready to be around the food, the people and the NASCAR community as a whole, he said.

“It was hard for us three guys not to go down because we enjoy having a good time here,” Kleinsteiber said. “We meet a lot of people.”

Kleinsteiber, his son and son-in-law participated in the race every year for 13 years, up until the last two years. They felt welcomed back from NASCAR with open arms. While neighbors to the north missed out on the past two years, MIS gave Canadians who couldn’t use their tickets credit for this year’s event, Kleinsteiber said.

“NASCAR has been great about letting us keep our site, tickets and all that. We’ve never lost a dime on anything,” Kleinsteiber said.

In the year A 2014 University of Michigan economic impact study found Canadians hold 12% of general admission tickets and 19% of infield camping spots. In 2013, approximately 10,000 Canadian fans came to MIS race weekend; The Toronto Sun. former track president Roger Curtis said. Windsor Star in 2014 Some 20 percent of their population was Canadian some years ago.

From a glimpse of the infield, it’s clear they’ll be back in 2022, as campers are showing their pride with Canadian flags, tents and more.

Brian Hartman, who lives near Toronto, has been coming to the tournament for five years with a group of neighbors.

“You see it on TV and you see it on the screen and you say, ‘This is where we’ve traditionally been,'” Hartman said. “It was very difficult.”

The team has returned to their original position this year.

“Everyone is very friendly,” Hartman said.

Besides the food, beer and people, they were excited to see the race again in person. The team each had their favorite driver, including Ryan Blaney, Joey Logano, Kyle Busch and Denny Hamlin, James Meacham said.

But overall, he said, they’re more than happy to see any tire hit the track.

“Being Canadian, we have to support everyone, right?” Micah said.

Ontario’s Renee and Julie Erskine say watching the race on TV doesn’t feel like being in person.

“There are sounds and smells you don’t get on TV,” says Julie.

Even after two years away, Canadians feel right at home, he said.

“It’s good to be back,” Renee said. “Looks like we missed it though.”

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