After Mojang removed the Technoblade tribute from the Minecraft launcher, fans were outraged.

After Mojang removed the Technoblade tribute from the Minecraft launcher, fans were outraged.


When Technoblade lost his battle with cancer in June 2022, the world came together to mourn the loss of a one-of-a-kind creator. Tributes of all kinds were shared, reinforcing his legacy and importance as a creator and individual.

Technoblade was a staple in Minecraft Community and the game is one of the biggest reasons. His contributions are legendary, and his talent unmatched. In the many Minecraft The community feels that this is one of the biggest reasons why the game has grown in popularity and momentum.

Among the powerful taxes shared the following Minecraft He was one of the creators of Passing Stars. Minecraft themselves. In the year Around June 2, 2022, Mojang edited their launch artwork and added a crown to the pig in Steve and Alex’s area as an homage to Technoblade’s signature animal.

Image via Mojang

Many expected Technoblade’s heartwarming glory to be on the launcher permanently, or at least for a few months, but unfortunately, that’s not the case. Where Technoblade’s signature crowned pig once sat, it now advertises a completely different banner. Minecraft’s Wild update.

Image via Mojang

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Changing the launch art to promote the update is understandable, but since there’s still a pig in the bottom left corner of this banner, it’s surprising that Mojang didn’t at least take credit for the artwork change. In response to this change, fans took to Twitter to share their frustration and anger.

“This is unacceptable,” wrote one fan who shared the hashtag “#MINECRAFTISOVERPARTY”. Many other angry fans also shared this hashtag, asking Mojang to once again add a tribute to Technoblade in the launcher.

Another fan commented Minecraft Star should be put back in the launch because he deserves to be there” after being one of the main reasons Minecraft It has been renewed. This same fan pointed out that it hasn’t even been a month since Mojang raised the tax, but it’s actually been a few days since Mojang raised the tax.

Another fan pointed out that the artwork being replaced by the Technoblade tribute is old artwork, making the situation even more frustrating. This fan feels the change was random and was done “for no particular reason”. If Mojang felt a change was necessary, they would think it would make more sense to replace the old art with new art instead of recycling it.

Some fans will at least say “Technoblade never dies!” Spray text Minecraft Screen loading, but most of the community feels that this is not enough.

Another fan shared this idea when they asked Mojang to add a better reference to Technoblade’s legacy. Minecraft. This fan feels that “the spray paint isn’t enough to convey his legacy.”

It remains to be seen if Mojang will restore the old artwork or add a tribute to the new one. Regardless, fans are hoping that Mojang will restore some form of respect to the launcher and official artwork, or introduce some more permanent and major changes to the game, such as allowing players to similarly create a Technoblade pig in-game. The famous Jeb Gob trick.



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