Alex Ovechkin intentionally misspelled the number on his capital goods bag

Alex Ovechkin intentionally misspelled the number on his capital goods bag


Alex Ovechkin A future hockey player and multi-millionaire businessman, he carefully considers every move he makes. Behind the scenes, Ovechkin still has his own Silly, immature times – Solving sometimes complex problems like a smiling teenager.

For example, Ovechkin caused a stir on Russian sports social media this summer when his capital equipment bag was found in the locker room. Alex Semin’s retirement game.

Almost everything about Ovechkin’s bag is standard, boring and what you’d expect. It is red. It has blue and white stripes. On the printed label are the Capitals and NHL logos. There’s just one little thing that doesn’t count.

Let’s see if you noticed.

Ovechkin’s tool bag is marked for a Capitals player who wears number 69, not number eight.

The social media account that took the video is nicknamed @skolzkyled. Sliding snow. Contributors include Denis Kazansky, Petr Kuznetsov, Maxim Goncharov, and former capital Andrey Nikolishin.

This was not the only time Ovechkin was special nice A tool bag made an appearance on social media this summer. When Dmitry Orlov prepares to play Artemi Panarin’s charity hockey game In late July, the Capitals defenseman took a video in the locker room. There, Ovechkin is seen sitting in front of the tool bag.

Screenshot by @orlov_09/Instagram

And yes, I will gladly add the screenshot for you.

Screenshot by @orlov_09/Instagram

Why Ovechkin rocks no. 69 on the bag is part joke, part safety, and maybe, fair. Maybe room tax (?) Former Capital reported that he beat writer Alex PrewittOvechkin once had gear stolen from his bag at the airport. So it was decided that the number eight would be axed on the bags in the future so that fans wouldn’t take the gear and try to make money on the secondary market.

No. 69 is rarely worn in the NHL and is typically unlikely to play full-time in the NHL with sidekicks or the minor leagues.

The only player to wear number 69 for the Capitals was Mel Angelstad in 2004.

“The reason I wore ’69 was simple,” Engelstad told RMNB. “The longer you’re in camp, the worse the number you wear unless you’re on the team and don’t have an assigned number. So this shows how high my skills were.

When I told Angelstad, now a firefighter and paramedic in Alberta, Canada, about Ovechkin’s bag, he laughed.

“I helped get there with my scary game!” he shouted.

Judging by the publication date of Prewitt’s storyOvechkin’s sack number will change to 69 sometime in the 2015-16 season or earlier. There are reasons for Ovi’s obvious sense of humor and serious NHL player ability to go with the Six Nine. But perhaps there was another angle: a tribute/inside joke to longtime center fielder Nicolas Backstrom.

Here is my reason. In the year During the 2012 NHL lockout, Nicolas Bastrom chose to play in Russia with Alex Ovechkin at Dynamo Moscow. Backstrom’s number was retired by every team in the NHL, a clear faux pas to Wayne Gretzky, who was given a team number when he first reached 99. When Backstrom asked for a new number no. 69 on the team.

Regardless of the full context behind Ovechkin’s bag, it’s one of his favorite hockey-related details about the Capitals captain — the must-have yellow with the tips, the authentic tape work of the sticks, and the colorful visuals that drove Martin Brodeur so crazy. They are banned by the NHL.

The Great Eight? More like The divine sixty-nine.

Geez, I hope my parents don’t read this.

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