All we hear is purple: a bee in my charbonnet

All we hear is purple: a bee in my charbonnet

Hello and welcome to AWHiP whatever. Gabe is finally back in the right time zone and if you listen closely, you can hear a cat purring into the microphone for about .5 seconds. Maybe not.

The Gang – Can two people be a gang? – Unfortunately, he does not discuss drone-related theories, but he does discuss such fascinating topics as:

  • It was the perfect storm for poor human Tanner McKee and how to have a really bad night.
  • Wayne Taulapapa has a pretty dang good night.
  • It has a gazillion amazing receivers
  • ways UCLA It will be a pain to play
  • UCLA can be so many ways not at all Pain in the chest to play
  • Andrew can’t speak French
  • Chip Kelly
  • Pac-12 ideas and the looming PNW bloodbath
  • When the residents of the retirement home were murdered


Do good, do no evil, and bow to Washington.


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