Amid a rash of injuries, new receiver Justin Fields is clicking.

Amid a rash of injuries, new receiver Justin Fields is clicking.


One man’s bad luck is another man’s luck. This is the reality of the NFL. Nothing scares someone more than an injury because they know there’s a chance someone could come in and steal their work. Andy Dalton discovered this last year. He knew that the only way he could keep the quarterback job was to avoid injury. Then he injured his knee in the second game. Justin Fields It came in, and that was pretty cool.

A similar situation may occur Chicago Bears Training camp, this time at wide receiver. There was a clear hierarchy in place when things started. Darnell Mooney sits atop the depth chart along with Byron Pringle, Velas Jones and a trade acquisition. Come on Harry Behind him. Two weeks into practice, things took a drastic turn. First there was the unexpected rise of Equanimius St. Brown. The former Packers receiver felt like a deep signing when it happened. Now he’s getting a lot of feedback from the first team’s offense.

Then the cons hit.

Pringle went down with a quad strain, Jones suffered an undisclosed problem, and Harry suffered a high ankle sprain. Both Pringle and Harry are likely to be out at least until the regular season opener. This opens a reflective hole in the receiving area. The Bears will have to add another element to the mix soon, as many speculate. While that’s true, it opens up a huge opportunity for others on the list to use more clues. By the sounds of things, at least one is doing just that, like Josh Schrock NBC Sports Chicago.

On third-and-10, Fields tore up the middle to Kmet Laser for a 23 gain, setting up a first-and-10 at the opposite 47.

The Bears offense had just 17 seconds to get into the field goal zone after a first down and failed to connect with Money. Fields got good protection in the pockets and He had a strikeout for Taj Sharp for 9 outs to 38″.

That chemistry wasn’t just isolated to one practice. A day later, Fields and Sharpe met again twice in the end zone.

“After two games Fields rolled right and zipped a pass to Taje Sharp over the pylon for another score.He said.

This is a development that cannot go unnoticed.

Sharpe showed promise early in his career with the Tennessee Titans, but didn’t pan out. Part of that can be blamed on a season-ending foot injury in 2017, and subsequent coaching changes. It’s a trap many players fall into. Now he is trying to show that he can play in this league if given the chance. Those injuries to Harry and Pringle could be the break he needed.

Justin Fields has a clear preference at wide receiver.

It may not be by chance that he and Sharp started dating. Fields likes receivers who are sharp route runners. It’s been that way ever since he and Chris Olave tore through the defense at Ohio State. Regardless of size or speed, the young QB trusts the guys he knows to be in the right place at the right time. It’s true of Mooney, it’s true of St. Brown, and it’s true of Sharpe. Although not the biggest or the fastest, he has always been known for running good routes.

The Bears’ first preseason game is a week away. Enough time for the 27-year-old to cement his relationship with Justin Fields. If he can back it up with some nice plays in actual games, the pecking order at wide receiver could make a big difference. One has to feel sorry for Harry after he worked so hard to get another chance away from New England, such is the nature of the sport. Always the next guy.

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