Anthony Joshua vs Oleksandr Usyk: ‘If AJ’s going to put a lasting combination on anyone, he’ll go through them,’ says Fraser Clarke | Boxing news

Anthony Joshua vs Oleksandr Usyk: ‘If AJ’s going to put a lasting combination on anyone, he’ll go through them,’ says Fraser Clarke |  Boxing news

Anthony Joshua could deliver on Britain’s heavyweight boxing great Oleksandr Usyk, and in his own words, GB Olympic captain Fraser Clarke has explained why.

I have been around most of the savings sessions held in the UK.

I’m a fighter in the gym but I have this kind of captain personality where I want to see everyone in the gym do well. And there were times when I asked the coaches if it was good to share my thoughts and there were times where I said the odd thing here and there.

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Clarke and boxing coach Gary Logan analyze what Joshua and Oleksandr Usyk must do ahead of their fight on Sky Sports Box Office.

I think the one thing you always want from a fighter is commitment and passion for the fight. I think Joshua went to Loughborough about 12 weeks before he went to Jeddah. He never returned to London and I think that in itself is a statement of intent. He took himself for a long time. It’s been a long time for camp. That’s mentally tough, physically tough.

There are ups and downs in a six-week camp, so you can imagine what it’s like in a 14-, 16-, 18-week camp. There were good days, there were bad days, there were ups and downs. If you can have more good days than bad days, you’re on the right track.

The team he’s hired is good for the fight. You experience the youth of Angel Fernandez, the enthusiasm of Angel Fernandez and the wisdom of Angel Fernandez from the Robert Garcia experience. He has been in many championship fights.

Good sparring – not proper sparring because trying to replicate Oleksandr Usyk is quite impossible. You have good fighters but not many quality ones. You will never have the experience he has. They have good fighters, chopping and changing different people. I think they did a fantastic job.

He is under no illusions. He has to be better than he was to beat Usyk. I think it should be better than ever. Better than Wladimir Klitschko’s night. I feel it should be Klitschko-esque. There were ups and downs that night and he had to come back. It just might have to do.

The Rematch Between Oleksandr Usyk And Anthony Joshua Will Be Broadcast Live On Sky Sports Box Office On August 20.
The rematch between Oleksandr Usyk and Anthony Joshua will be broadcast live on Sky Sports Box Office on August 20.

He’s got all the luck. From everything I’ve seen him put in every day and every week, he’s given himself a chance and that’s all you can ask from a fighter in camp. If he gives you everything you have to give, with the experience and skills he’s got, he’s given himself every opportunity.

A lot of people there talk about Usyk very well and this and that. He is very good. No doubt about it. He is a great warrior. But he is human. If AJ hits him in the chin more than once, he’s only human, he’ll go down, he’ll probably never get back up.

Joshua would go through them if anyone in the world, boxer or non-boxer, had ever found a lasting union with an animal or a tree.

Anthony Joshua
Clark saw Joshua’s intense focus and dedication to this rematch.

I have put away hundreds of rounds with it. I think this thing is ‘gun shy’ – I was not gun shy when I saw him sparring, trust me.

I feel he is a good person. I think someone should have taken the bad guy out of him. I think Robert Garcia was good at doing that. He took out what was not given [stuff] About anyone other than winning this fight. He got it out of him.

This could be Britain’s greatest heavyweight boxing night. I feel like everyone is putting him as a huge underdog and he could go out for 12 rounds. But you like to bet on him again.

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