Bellarmine’s hopes for March Madness are still alive.

Bellarmine’s hopes for March Madness are still alive.


The NCAA has announced that it will not take any action on the proposed rule changes Bellarmine University A chance to play in the postseason after the board of trustees meets Wednesday.

It takes four years for a school to be reclassified from Grade 2 to Grade 1. The proposed rule change will cut that time in half.

The Bellarmine men’s basketball team, which has already finished two out of four years, brought national attention to regulation after winning the ASUN tournament last March.

what happened:‘We deserve to hear our name’: Why ASUN champ Bellarmine couldn’t go to the NCAA tournament

The horsemen. They finished 17-13 and beat Jacksonville University for the conference tournament championship, receiving an automatic bid to the NCAA Tournament after winning the conference, but due to their redistricting process, they could not compete in the NCAA Tournament or the tournament. National invitational competition.

Bellarmine opted out of all postseason tournaments after the NCAA did not resume in March following the ASUN championship.

The NCA intends to grant early eligibility at the Strategic Vision and Planning Committee meeting in June. The committee He pressed for a decision at the board meeting held on August 3. The board then announced that there was no action or objection.

Bellarmine Head Coach Scott Davenport  They were shocked by the official's call on them in the ASUN Championship game against Jacksonville on March 8, 2022 in Louisville, Ky. Bellarmine won 77-72.

look forward –Bellarmine’s basketball program is coming up against local ties, national powerhouses.

A month ago, Knights senior guard Juston Bez wrote a letter to the NCAA pleading to change the four-year rule.

“There is nothing more powerful than a community of people fighting for what they know is right,” Beth wrote. “I just ask that the NCAA and all parties involved are fighting for what is right, what is best for the student-athletes and the participating Division 1 institutions. I truly believe there is no better time than now to reconsider the law that was enacted. It was put in place 25 years ago.”

Davenport issued a plea on Twitter Tuesday, asking the board to change the rule to two years.

succession planning;Doug Davenport is coach in waiting, replacing his father Scott.

“On behalf of our players, I plead for a change on their behalf,” the unit tweeted.



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