Ben Chilwell and Reese James were completely unfit for the Everton game

Ben Chilwell and Reese James were completely unfit for the Everton game


Chelsea won Everton He had a welcome start to the season at Goodison Park on Saturday, but it wasn’t a great performance – according to the head coach he was “okay” – and he showed many of the same issues from last season, especially in his ineffectiveness. attack

As it turns out, there is at least one good reason for that. Two actually. Neither Reece James nor Ben Chilwell were fully fit for the game, which, as we learned last season, could be a major problem for the wing-back system.

Today we played with Ben Chilwell who is not 100 per cent ready for me but the situation with Marcos Alonso. [soon to leave for Barcelona] And the late signing of Mark Cucurella made it imperative that we take the risk.

“Race [James] At the moment we struggle to have complete, complete fitness, so we didn’t have enough behind the wings to create a bit of freedom for the inside players on the right.

– Thomas Tuchel; Source: Night routine

While James is expected to return to full fitness sooner rather than later – and will likely do more cornerback training – Chilwell’s fitness will be something to watch closely. As much as going back, recovering from a serious injury and even with modern medical techniques and rehabilitation can have lasting, career-changing effects. Mark Cucurella could be appointed at centre-back, but the fact that Chelsea have spent heavily on another left-back highlights this situation.

Our next game is against Antonio Conte. Tottenham Hotspur. Whoever wins the wing-back battle gets three crucial points.



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