Boxing: Canelo Alvarez prepares to fight Gennady Golovkin in Terminator mode.

Boxing: Canelo Alvarez prepares to fight Gennady Golovkin in Terminator mode.


WThe eyes are ready Gennady Golovkina Mexican boxer Saul Canelo Alvarez He knows there is more at stake in this fight than defending his undisputed title in the super middleweight division, so he is gearing up at full speed.

After two press conferences and after the official presentation of the war Canelo Alvarez He kept his promise to play golf, and immediately entered the event with his apprenticeEddy Reynoso.

In some videos on his Instagram stories, the champion gave an example of the work they are doing in four categories, which he last posted on Monday, and it is understood that the preparations are underway. “At full speed”.

He wears blue shorts and a t-shirt and a white hat Canelo is seen running at full speed; Sprinting, as part of the physical preparation for each fight, is very important for everything around it.

In addition to everything he does in the gym, Canelo’s preparation includes morning runs most of the week, where he jumps rope, his shadow is round and frugal, all eyes on Golovkin, each of whom says he wants to retire when they face him. other.

When will Canelo and Golovkin fight?

of Canelo Alvarez And the Golovkin fight on September 17 in Las Vegas will put the Mexican’s four super middleweight titles on the line. During the conferences, it was seen that there was a rivalry between the two, with Canelo not only calling his opponent two-faced, but also insulting his opponent.

But Golovkin, weighted more by his actions, said beating the man who was considered the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world just a few months ago was the biggest win of his career. “It’s the funnest thing that ever happened to me.”

While both continue their preparations, one of the most anticipated fights of the year is more than six weeks away.



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