Boxing: Julio Sar Chávez and the gift only he can give a trainer.

Boxing: Julio Sar Chávez and the gift only he can give a trainer.


For many years, Christopher Rose it was Julius Cesar Chavezcoach and accompanied him throughout his highly successful professional career in the 80s and first half of the 90s. Before him came Salvador Sanchez as coach. He was a coach. Salvador SanchezAfter a long professional career that began in 1959, he was split in his last fight against Chavez.

In this situation, the fighter from Sinaloa, Mexico decided to ask for help from the best trainer of the time and that’s how he went to the famous person. Ignacio BerestiA member of the International Boxing Hall of Fame, the WBC super lightweight belt to go along with the important fight against the Mexican. Miguel Angel Gonzalez.

The will of Nacho Berestin

That fight took place in March 1998 and ended in the most generous history of Mexican boxer “Don Nacho” in recent memory. Eric “Scary” Morales YouTube channel.

Julio Cesar Chavez was introduced Ricardo “Finito” Lopez To ask the coach to “borrow” this fight. López Nava agreed precisely because the competition was only one fight, because at that time he was the world champion and Beristin’s main student.

“Julio said to Ricardo Lopez: “Hey Ricardo, lend me your trainer, don’t be a tough guy, to fight. The coach explained.

The result of the fight was a match for Julio Cesar, who was already declining in his career “Wizard” Gonzalez He was living the best stage of his career, so the result was good for them.

Don Nacho juice bonus for the fight against “Mago” Gonzalez

At the end of the battle, Julio calls Don Nacho into his room to celebrate the result. Accustomed to a quiet life, Beristin did not agree with the flamboyance that was common in Chávez’s career at the time and initially declined the invitation.

“He talked to me and said, ‘Hey Buster, why are you gone?’ “Come and have a beer with us,” he said. “No, it’s too late, I’m going to sleep.” I said, “No, come here, I need to talk. To you,” the manager explained.

At Ristin’s insistence, he reluctantly goes to the room and when he arrives, he learns that he needs to discuss the support payment. Then Julio asked for a check for $ 40,000, while Don Nacho I even thought of training him for free.

When I arrived I was like, ‘Hey! With the accountant, please write a check for $40,000 to Burstyn and say, ‘No Mames Cab, $40,000? He said, ‘Oh shit! Do you want me to pay you more? You were with me for 40 minutes,” Ignacio Bestin said.

And he replied: “No, not for you to pay me more. No, I went out with you for free.” No, not for free, you lost weight in Paris, you lost weight in Monterrey and I don’t even thank you, no, that money goes. “

Don Ignacio was happy to accept the request and pointed out that there was no need to charge Julio Sar. However, Julio insists that this gift of support has helped him on other occasions, or will help him in the future, one of which is when he goes with his son; Julio Cesar Chavez Jr By fighting Salt “Canelo” lvarez.

Finally, Don Nacho recalls that veteran boxer’s move and expresses his regret for not having a copy of the check.



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