Boxing: Mayweather withstood a Japanese kamikaze attack and won in 2 rounds.

Boxing: Mayweather withstood a Japanese kamikaze attack and won in 2 rounds.

Floyd Mayweather He was out for a boxing exhibition in Saitama, Japan, but was confronted by an MMA fighter. It grows bigHe was not told that it was an exhibit. The fight, which was agreed to go to three rounds, did not have to go that far, and in the end, Mayweather punished his opponent unfairly and defeated him in a good fight that could have continued at the end of the second round.

Floyd Mayweather knocked out Asakura

In front of a completely silent crowd, He will grow Meeting ‘Money’, the 45-year-old former champion looked to counter his opponent’s speed, use his size and gain an advantage. The American struggled to shake off the Japanese’s straight punches and whips in a fight that didn’t get much time to study.

In the second round He will grow He tried to escalate the fight: after receiving at least three powerful combinations from his opponent, he began punishing a frustrated Mayweather. However, the former world champion punished his opponent’s courage and sent him to the canvas near the bell in the second round with a hard right hand to the body.

Despite Mayweather’s unblemished record of 50-0-0 and undefeated record, the referee refused to allow the fight to continue with a new victory (unofficial) to keep him as dominant as before.

Finally, he thanked him for having ‘money’ Manny Pacquiao With the respect and love of the stage and the Japanese people, because they paid a lot of money to see him in action and increase his wealth.

Strange habits in Japanese boxing

It was a completely unusual show in Western boxing. In Japan, the fans sat respectfully and remained silent in the stands of the Saitama Super Arena. The ceremony will take place around 2:00 pm when each fighter who enters the ring will receive a flower arrangement.

Not only that, the longest line-up included Boxing-Thai fights and traditional boxing. Each fight has a long and impressive presentation, the fight ends quickly, with spectacular shots, regardless of the format. Therefore, they are planned for a maximum of three rounds.

Floyd Mayweather arrived to fight with Asakura


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