Brandon Ayuck’s simple explanation of Fred Warner at 49ers practice

Brandon Ayuck’s simple explanation of Fred Warner at 49ers practice

Brandon Ayuk was at the center of the action Tuesday at 49ers training camp at both the wide receiver position and the center of the dog pile.

Ayuk and linebacker Fred Warner Square twice during practiceBut it’s not the level of football in general.

Shots are a common sight on NFL training camp fields as teams prepare for the rigors of the season, and Tuesday was no exception when a pair of brawls broke out between the two — the rest of their teammates joining the fray.

In an interview with NFL Network after practice, Iuk He offered a simple explanation For all the violence in 11 on 11 team exercises.

“A little friendly training camp,” Ayuk said. “You know because it’s hot today, tempers are flaring today. But it’s football. Football season is here.

Ayuk chalked up the fight to the brutality of the defense over the past few days. The 49ers’ D has destroyed the offense so far in training camp, and Tuesday was another example of that.

“I mean, the defense has come out here with great intensity the last two days, so you’ve got to spark the offense one way or another,” Ayuk said. “Just a way to practice.”

In his own post-practice interview with NFL Network, defensive end Nick Bosa He described the practice as grinding. — and pointed out that it’s hard camp days like Tuesday that build a better team.

“It was definitely a grind today,” Bosa said. You definitely need a few practices like this to prepare for a season and games. The periods are coming and we keep grinding, so that’s good.”

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The 49ers definitely are. Embrace the grindWith two bumps — and brush — on the road.

Hopefully they can play well the rest of camp.

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