Brittany Greener is serving 9 years in a Russian penal colony. Where is the campaign to free her?

Brittany Greener is serving 9 years in a Russian penal colony.  Where is the campaign to free her?

Where is Britney Greener’s cry for freedom? Last month, a basketball star who was sentenced to nine years for carrying a vape cartridge in an airport carry-on bag appeared to be returning to the United States. The players were talking, and the State Department was insisting that getting Brittany home was finally at the top of their to-do list.

But we’ve heard little since then. We’ve passed the 200-day mark since Griner’s arrest. Unless a swap happens sooner rather than later, Greener is set to live in the A’s. A cruel penal colony It has been compared to a “concentration camp”. This Russian penal colony consisted of living in slums and hard labor. Human rights organizations have reported overcrowding, malnutrition, poor waste disposal and freezing conditions in these camps. They have tried to shed light on sexual abuse and violence in these camps, especially against queer prisoners.

Given the situation she is about to face, we must intensify our efforts to free Griner. It is reported that Like 30 American players He will travel to Russia to play in the WNBA season. This is largely due to the poor salary structure of the WNBA, but these players find themselves a hostage target in Russia, unlike what they knew a year ago. Here’s praying for their success, especially considering the restrictions on speech and detention. Also, while it’s understandable that players need to earn an income and support their families, it seems more than appropriate for players to leave Russia. Women’s leagues in Russia are popular because of American talent. Ruining the basketball season sends a message to Moscow, there Recent articles are highlighted. The city’s isolation from the reality of the Ukrainian occupation. (Maybe NBA players should be subsidized not to go to Russia.)

We’re seeing her focus fade as her problems fade into the backdrop of a growing din surrounding the 2022 midterm elections, let alone the US war in Ukraine. I was relieved at the smallness of the protests on Labor Day, when the Women’s National Basketball Players Association, the WNBA Players Association, and all members of the American Union took to social media to sign a petition. Grinder. You’re welcome, but we already have online petitions. What I would like to see is the WNBPA issue a public call on social media for other sports associations – NBPA, NFPA, MLBPA, NHLPA, USWNTPA – to hold a joint press release calling for Griner’s release. They could also call on the AFL-CIO to take a more active role in pressuring the Biden administration and demanding that Putin extricate herself from the Kafka-esque hell she has found herself in.

There are other parts of our culture that work on Greener. The NFL season kicks off this week, and that means a massive cultural force to erase anything else from the coverage of the sports world. Media attention from the sports world on Griner’s arrest has already been scarce. But once the NFL starts, it feels like football will have hourly coverage.

Another aspect is that both the sports world and the right wing of American society, including their right-wing leader – the “semi-fascist” Donald Trump – have decided that an American facing nine years in a penal colony is not such a big deal. ; That’s greener somehow.”It’s broken” And she deserves her fate. This is shocking, and if Tom Brady had been arrested in similar circumstances, these same people would be calling for the Navy Seals to be released. Much to the WNBA family’s credit, they’re not calling for a war to spread on Greener’s behalf, but are instead pushing for Bain’s exchange, even though more prisoners are necessary to secure her freedom. Yet, in the wider culture, we are normalizing Greener Hell. This is not only tragic for Griner, her wife Cheryl, and all those who support her. It dehumanizes us all. The directive should be “Injustice is a threat to justice anywhere.” Instead, we find it “out of sight, out of mind,” and that’s a shame.


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