Bungie’s lawyer provides insight into the company’s many lawsuits

Bungie’s lawyer provides insight into the company’s many lawsuits


Bungie’s general counsel, Don McGowan, explained why the company launched multiple lawsuits against the team members. Fate 2 Society in the last few years.

In an interview with AxiosMcGowan shared which target was the main driver behind the lawsuit. Destiny Cheaters, troublemakers, and troublemakers are meant to improve the game’s community. “In our view, removing harassment and abuse from our community is not only the right thing to do, it’s the right thing to do,” McGowan said. “This is an issue that affects many studios in the industry, and it’s important to deal with it in order to maintain a healthy and happy community that wants to play your games.”

Although it can be difficult to track down instigators due to the anonymity of usernames and high legal costs, Bungie believes that eradicating them is worth the effort and money of a strong community. The company is also concerned about the high level of online harassment from a subset of its employees Destiny Players. McGowan is committed to protecting the “integrity of our players’ experience.”

Since last year, Bungie has gone after a number of individuals and groups that it believes have caused harm Destiny Experience for a broad player base. In the year In 2021, Bungie joined Ubisoft Made to prosecute the creators of the fraud programs Fate 2. Earlier this year, Bungie sued a player who targeted YouTube channels for fake copyright downloads. The company recently filed a lawsuit against a player who allegedly repeatedly harassed a Bungie employee. “Anyone else who volunteers as a defendant to target Bungie’s community for violence will face serious consequences,” part of the lawsuit reads.



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