Caleb Plant wants a rematch with Canelo in 2024 as Benavidez denies fearing him.

Caleb Plant wants a rematch with Canelo in 2024 as Benavidez denies fearing him.

as if Craig Page: Caleb Plant says he’s not afraid of former two-time WBC super middleweight champion David Benavidez. ‘Sweethands’ Plant (21-1, 12 KOs) says his goal is to beat Anthony Dirrell on Oct. 15 and then face Germal Charlo and Benavidez in 2023.

Last time, Plant said he would fight a rematch with Canlo Alvarez in 2024, hoping to win those three tough fights.

If Plant beats Dirrell, Benavidez and Charlo to earn a second fight with Canelo, that would be a huge accomplishment.

A knockout of Canelo (58-2-2, 39 KOs) would be icing on the cake for former IBF 168-lb champion Plante, as he would avenge his 11th-round knockout loss to the Mexican star last November. It was a battle where Plant ran out of fuel around the tenth lap.

Once Plant faded, Canelo took advantage of the situation and stopped him in the 11th. With a better gas tank, Plant might have won that battle, and his career would now be brighter.

Dirrell (34-2-2, 25 KOs) is a tough opponent with plenty of pop in both hands, and he’s not someone you can count on to look past this fight.

Plant and Dirrell will square off on the Dontay Wilder vs. Robert Helenius card on FOX Sports pay-per-view on October 15 at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.

After his nine-round knockout loss to David Benavidez three years ago in September 2019, Drell’s career has slowed.

Since that loss, Dirrell has fought just twice in the past three years, with a 12-round draw against Kieron Davis in February 2021 and a fourth-round stoppage of Marcos Hernandez last November.

“I’m approaching this fight like any other fight. It’s that I don’t worship him, fear him, or worry about what happened to him. He probably rubbed it the wrong way,” Caleb Plant said. Fight Hub TV.

I saw everything he was saying and some of what his father was saying. Most of it’s bull s***,” Plant said of David Benavidez, noting that none of the top fighters at 168 want to fight him.

“I don’t know if you have seen the video where we tried to do that fight [with Benavidez] It’s happened before, and Samson says it’s not the time and it should be more money.

“He fights, then I close the fight, then after our fight is locked, then he [Benavidez] He and his father want to start, jump on social media and try to fight.

“Why don’t we fight? You fight, and someone else fights you. Then you want to be seen as fighting. They are funny about that.

“They try to spin the narrative. I don’t care what people say. After I win this fight, Charlo, I’m ready to make the biggest fight that David can have. My opponent likes to get bull about the amount of money they want compared to what it could be me.

“They’re a lot of bulls. I’m not afraid to fight Jose Uzcategui with only 16 fights. I’m not afraid to fight Canelo. I could pick a comeback fight right now, but I’m not comparing Dirrell to David. But with the layoffs and the losses, most fighters have a comeback fight. You chose. I chose the biggest fight possible.

“As long as there is no fear, come on, Marcos. I knocked him out. In the year By the end of 2023, if it were up to me, I would stop Dirrell, fight Charlo or Benavidez, and then fight someone else.

In the year Looking for that rematch with Canelo in 2024, I’ll get three good wins under my belt. This is what I really want. I’m looking to cement my legacy as the best super middleweight of this era.

“I’m still on a mission to achieve that, and I’m going. I am not afraid of him. [Canelo]And I’m not afraid of David Benavidez. I want to strengthen my legacy. Boxing is important to me. I work hard for this.

“I don’t know what the problem is. If he thinks he hates me now, he’s going to really hate me on October 15th, because I promise you, I’m going to give him a brutal beating.

“He’s not at my level. It does nothing. His defense, his footwork, his IQ, his combination. There is nothing he brings to the table that puts me where he wants me to be.

“He does not tire like me; He is not as disciplined as I am. He doesn’t control his weight year round like I do. Nothing in the game is better than me.

“He knows this. I think that’s one thing he’s rubbed off on me. It’s not like he knows me personally enough to hate me. So why don’t you love someone else? He knows he can’t run with me.

“I think that’s what he’s worried about. He can go crazy all he wants. He doesn’t give a s*** about it. The scorecards were close before the stoppage,” Dirrell said of Plant’s last fight with Marcos Hernandez last November.

“That guy was a middleweight who stood at 154kg. Before that, he had a draw with middleweight Tyrone. [Davis]Who is a good fighter? He is also a middleweight.

“Before that Yildirim was winning that fight and he should have won that fight. That’s why Dirrell got the Canelo fight before they did. Before that, he was being teased by David. [Benavidez].

“So he’s not on my level. And that’s the plan. [to stop Dirrell]. Putting down the ‘I’ll never let a white boy beat me up’ thing. Everything he said, once I did his rant, would make real sense.

“Skin color doesn’t win a war. What’s up here?” [brain] He wins, and here it is [heart] Fight wins. Yes, that’s a plan to get busy. After this fight, I will give everyone more insight. But yes, in 2023, most definitely,” said Plant about wanting to fight three times.

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