Cara Lawson is taking some scheduling risks.

Cara Lawson is taking some scheduling risks.


We still don’t have a full understanding of how much fans love Duke women’s coach Kara Lawson because of the pandemic, but it speaks volumes for her. Duke is playing in Toledo this year And they’re doing it because Lawson wanted it and helped it happen.

Mack’s school might not seem like a big deal, but former Notre Dame coach Muffett McGraw is a big fan of Toledo because it’s basically a pit.

As for Lawson, she thinks games like this can only help:

I like to play in a good environment. Toledo has long been one of the best indoor environments in women’s college basketball. My goal – and I can’t speak for how other coaches do it – is to expose our players to as many different difficult environments as possible. … We’ll play anybody. We’re not far from anyone, and we’re going to Toledo and Florida’s Gulf Coast [this season]They are the two top programs in the country – not just mid-majors – in the country.

“It’s very difficult to win in those places. … At the end of the year, I want to have a team that can win anywhere. This isn’t a new concept, but to be good at something, you need reps at it.

That’s great to hear, isn’t it?



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