Carlos Alcaraz’s amazing statistics

Carlos Alcaraz’s amazing statistics


Carlos Alcaraz, what an amazing statistic! On European clay, ahead of the American hard court season, the Spaniard’s first big problems came in the 2022 season. Alcaraz, before these tournaments, undefeated in the challenges that gave him the ATP title, he lost two consecutive finals to two blue tennis players, which in reality became his worst dream: in Hamburg, Lorenzo Musetti, with a great performance, was able to twist all the certainties. 19 years old.

Seven days later, on the Umag clay courts and in front of many Italian fans, Janic Siner bravely recovered and returned to level 2 of the Nitto ATP Finals without losing his match. To put it in second place.

Expensive points but the perception that something is crammed into the final acts of tournaments. In the last match played by the Iberian in Croatia, a special fact stood out in front of many fans: during the battle, the South Tyrolean gave away break points at the beginning of the second set, at a time of great difficulty, and in the decisive third set (only one, well canceled).

After the tournament victory, the Spaniard began to suffer a little physical fatigue and in the first two rounds, the 20-year-old’s service failed to break the San Candido bar, wasting 8 break opportunities.

An incredible number of opportunities to be number 4 in the world, using them to completely move the inertia on the side (at least one). The resistance allowed Siner to connect in the result and dominate the following games, without allowing the Murcia boy to respond.

Super statistics

Recently, very interesting information about Alcaraz was released, which shows the strength and qualities he showed against all tennis players at the time. In fact, in 2022, Carlos has at least one set in each of the 49 games played so far.

An impressive statistic, the Spaniard will try to maintain this record at the next events in the United States of America.



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