Chael Sonnen has slammed the “disgusting” behavior of the boxing community for supporting Hasim Rahman Jr over Jake Paul.

Chael Sonnen has slammed the “disgusting” behavior of the boxing community for supporting Hasim Rahman Jr over Jake Paul.


Chael Sonnen He pointed out that it is general Jake Paul With Hasim Rahman Jr. is a perfect example of why. Dana White Not involved with boxing promotion.

The former UFC middleweight star recently spoke about the boxing community’s reaction to the fight’s breakdown. During his class Beyond the struggle YouTube show Sonnen said:

“If it wasn’t for defending the boxing community, I wouldn’t be able to talk to you. [for Rahman]. You’ll wonder why Dana White isn’t jumping on tens of millions of dollars changing the community, changing the lives of countless athletes and coaches, and the lives of their teams and families. That won’t happen now.”

Take a look at Chael Sonnen in the clip below:


Sonnen continued to shock the boxing community by taking Rahman Jr.’s side over Paul. The fight took place after the former boxing heavyweight champion’s son and name was dropped due to weight management issues.

Rahman Jr. later said he was willing to take the fight and accept the fines, which would have left him with only a minimum payment of $5,000. In doing so, Rahman Jr. essentially lost his financial incentives, giving Paul a huge advantage in the fight.

According to Sonnen, Rahman Jr.’s explanation was hilarious. The boxer also used a colorful analogy to describe his plan to “scam” the contract.

“If a man goes and robs a bank and knows that it is a million dollars that he can steal, he knows that he will be sentenced to seven years in prison. He takes the million dollars and says, “I am willing to do the seven years. Jail, give me the million dollars.’ No, they take the money back and go to jail.

Chael Sonnen backs up Jake Paul against Hasim Rahman Jr.

Chael Sonnen shut down fan sentiment that Jake Paul was to blame for the fight cancellation.

The former three-time UFC title contender is sure that members of the boxing community agree on wanting to see Paul go down and can’t figure out the logic.

Check out the tweet below:

Fake news. New York athletes should be in the 10%. It’s not just the numbers that Jake puts up, he doesn’t have to fight with a big man, the numbers put them in a respectable position. If Jake appears at 190 and the opponent is at 215, the fight will be canceled automatically.…

Sonnen Rahman Jr. first indicated that he had breached the contract. He added that the situation was out of Paul’s control as the New York State Athletic Commission (NYSAC) did not approve the competition unless Rahman Jr. made the weight limit.



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