Chronicle broke freshman Jayden Schutt

Chronicle broke freshman Jayden Schutt


You may have noticed that we’ve been pretty tight-lipped about freshman Jayden Schutt (shoot: have fun with that, it’s called crazy).

Our interest grew because he was obviously more determined than most kids his age and we wanted to see how far he could take this.

This article in the Duke Chronicle It’s a great starting point for the young shooter.

Here’s a quick excerpt: “Schutt was widely regarded as the best shooter in his high school class, and his high-quality results so far in his career show he’s ready for the next level. Although he’s not the biggest or most physically fit shooting guard — a la Trevor Kelce — the 6-foot-4, 175-pound freshman has a strong base and clean shooting form that makes opponents a serious threat. When he’s on the floor.”

In the most basic terms, our gut is that he’s tough and those guys are tough to keep off the court.



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