Circle 12 household names that will soon be in 2022-23

Circle 12 household names that will soon be in 2022-23

College basketball teams across the country are finally back in the gym and the first practices are in the books ahead of the highly anticipated 2022-23 campaign. Many future stars are already emerging.

Kentucky big man Oscar Tshiebwe is putting up monster statistical lines that beat the writers to see what record he is going to close next. Gonzaga’s Drew Thiem might have the best beard and post-up moves in the country. North Carolina running back Armando Bacot is coming off a Warriors performance in the Final Four and the national championship game.

But as we prepare for the 2022-23 season, it’s time to look only to the stars. I made a list of “my friends” this coming season, and a trend started to develop. I must admit my bias; I have something of a long-lasting, flexible, athletic wing. If I’m building a team, I want nine wings, two point guards and two big men.

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Here are the 12 players I’m buying stock ahead of the 2022-23 campaign. Spoiler: Lots of wings clipped.


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