CLASIA has been removed from Evil Geniuses due to ‘attitude issues’.

CLASIA has been removed from Evil Geniuses due to ‘attitude issues’.

Evil Geniuses Anthony “CLASIA” Kearney of EG.CA, a sitting CS:GO player, has reportedly been inactive due to “attitude issues that were not handled in a way the team was happy with.” We.

The 18-year-old player confirmed the report in a tweet today. “I’ve been kicked out of EG and I’m really disappointed in myself. I know I’m better than what I’ve shown to my teammates and everyone else,” Klasia said.

Klasia has been playing under the EG banner since June 2022, when Orign signed Capre Diem and Party Astronauts as part of the Blueprint Project. With a 15-man lineup, EG plans to offer a variety of deals across various tournament platforms to keep players from feeling overwhelmed.

It looks like EG has found a replacement for CLASIA in Peter “Stanslaw” Jarguz. According to a report on July 28, the Canadian will soon return to the North American team.

This is not the only change in the EG rankings this season. On July 28, Stewie2k announced his retirement from professional CS:GO to focus on streaming and content creation.


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