Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson has been suspended for 6 games

Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson has been suspended for 6 games

Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson He was suspended for six games on Monday for violating the NFL’s personal conduct policy Associated Press.

Watson signed a five-year, $230 million deal with the Browns in March after he was accused of sexually assaulting more than 20 women during massages. He also added that there is no other penalty included in the suspension as reported.

Watson’s attorney and representatives of the NFL, Cleveland Browns and National Football League Players Association could not immediately be reached for comment Monday morning.

Watson has missed a lot of time on the field, not playing at all for the Houston Texans last season amid legal challenges and the team He wanted to trade it.

Cleveland Browns Quarterback Deshaun Watson Has Been Suspended For 6

Retired federal judge Sue L. Robinson He presided over the disciplinary hearing and made the decision.

Before the suspension came down, the National Football League Players Association and Watson issued a joint statement on Sunday, saying they “stand by her decision” and called on “the NFL to do the same.”

Few, if any, American companies track domestic violence cases more closely than the NFL.

Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice was first. In 2014, he was suspended for only two games After the disturbing surveillance video showed him knocking out his future wife and dragging her body from the elevator.

Rice was finally It is suspended indefinitely But the seemingly simple first discipline forced the NFL commissioner. Roger Goodell to accept: “I don’t really get it. Simply put, we need to do better. And we will.”

Other popular issues Domestic violence bans in recent years include: Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott. (Six games in 2017) Carolina Panthers defensive end Greg Hardy (10 games In 2015) and Baltimore Ravens cornerback Jimmy Smith (Four games in 2018).

The lawyer representing the women who accused Watson of misconduct announced Secret settlements In June, 20 out of 24 civil cases.

“I am announcing today that all but four charges against Deshaun Watson have been settled. We are working on papers related to those settlements. Once we do that, those special cases will be dismissed,” Tony Boothby, an attorney representing the plaintiffs in the case, told NBC News.

“The terms and amounts of the settlements are confidential. We will not comment further on the settlements or those matters.

In his statement, Boothby credited plaintiff Ashley Solis, who first accused Watson of sexual misconduct. The Solis case is one of four unsolved cases.

Speaking about Open Cases, Boothby said: “Ashley Solis is one of the heroes of this story. Her case is not resolved and so the story of her and the other three heroic women continues. I look forward to trying these matters over time, consistent with other filing obligations and the court’s schedule.

Watson’s accusers say he sexually assaulted them after hiring them as massage therapists and personal trainers.

Two grand jury in Texas In March, he declined to press charges against Watson. In both cases, district attorneys did not elaborate on why the district judge declined to prosecute.

Watson denied the incident.

“Deshaun Watson has done nothing wrong,” his attorney, Rusty Hardin, said in a statement in June. And as two grand juries made clear, Deshawn did nothing illegal.

“Deshawn has always admitted to consensual intercourse with three of plaintiff’s massage therapists after massages. “Desha also swore repeatedly that none of the accusers forced him to have sex,” he said.

Watson, 26, a native of Gainesville, Georgia and an alumnus of Clemson University, has been in the NFL. Since 2017. Watson had his best season with the Texans in 2020, leading the league in passing with 4,823 yards and 33 touchdowns.

Associated Press And David K. Lee contributed.


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