CodeMiko is planning a change in content strategy amid changes in Twitch’s revenue share

CodeMiko is planning a change in content strategy amid changes in Twitch’s revenue share

CodeMiko joins the growing team today. Trembling Content creators to express their displeasure with the platform’s intention to reduce the revenue share of many top creators.

Addressing viewers as a “technician,” Yoona Kang, speaking as herself in lieu of her VTube alias, explained that her work in her content will not have a 50-50 revenue split. Sitting right with her.

“thanks a lot Trembling Thank you so much for giving me a platform, and giving me the visibility I needed,” she says. “The job I’m putting in is not 50-50. 70-30 seems more fair, so I know YouTube has 70-30 so I’m going to slowly migrate to YouTube as well. I try to focus more on YouTube videos.

She went on to say that it’s “weird” that Twitch puts ads on VODs for streamers but doesn’t allow streamers to monetize those VODs. YouTube, on the other hand, is used to making monetized video content rather than producing live content.

While Miko’s plans don’t seem right, his thought process seems to fit the general sentiment of popular YouTube streamer Ludwig following Twitch’s announcement.

Live broadcasts are difficult to match the quality of recorded content, Ludwig commented, and live audience figures are less influential than most people think.

In a video analyzing the changes coming into effect in June, Ludwig concluded that streams like Miko could make more money by moving to YouTube. After some consideration, Miko herself seemed to realize that this might be the case.

Miko’s thought process is similar to that of another high-profile creator. Earlier this week, Nick “NMP” Polom revealed that he intends to take similar steps and create more content for YouTube.


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