College football Week 5 schedule changes, game decisions

College football Week 5 schedule changes, game decisions

It’s Hurricane Ian. Week 5 of college football is expected to impact the schedule And make major game changes to programs in the Hurricanes’ direct path. As of Tuesday morning, several teams are expected to announce the postponement or rescheduling of games early in the week to avoid heavy rain and high winds. Flight cancellations may also be a primary concern for groups traveling to the southern regions.

Most recent activity (Tuesday, noon ET): This story will be updated throughout the week as announcements involving games are made.

Hurricane Ian strengthened Tuesday. To category 3 And it remains “Higher than normal” uncertainty on its trajectory and intensity, b National Hurricane Center. Initial landfall in the United States is expected in the Tampa, Florida and Fort Myers areas. The National Weather Service’s latest model forecast for midday Thursday is for Florida with heavy rain, high winds and widespread flooding expected. Week 5 of college football looks to be OK Thursday and Friday, with all six games being played west or north of the Hurricanes, but Saturday’s slate is a different story.

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Here’s what we know about Hurricane Ian’s impact on college football’s Week 5 slate.


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