Considering NASCAR electric vehicle limited series

Considering NASCAR electric vehicle limited series


Fenton, MI – August 3, 2022

Screenshots of a document leaked to an online forum and found. We kicked the tires.It is called NASCARAhead of the 2023 Busch Clash, a first-ever electric vehicle launch at the Coliseum and six racetracks could be “aligned with Cup Series events.”

NASCAR did not specifically address the document, nor confirm that it was theirs, but the following statement was provided to Kickin’ The Tires, saying, “As we’ve stated in the past, we’re investigating the possibility. EV series display. We are now working with our OEM partners and race teams as the program progresses.

Giving some credence to the document’s authenticity, parts of the screenshot show the blue and red features NASCAR uses to produce such items. Additionally, multiple sources previously confirmed that NASCAR was in the planning and development stages of EV implementation.

The topic of electric vehicles in NASCAR is not new and many say it should eventually be protected by federal regulations regarding fuel mileage, as well as by automakers switching more to electric power.

Ford Mustang Next Gen Race Car / Photo courtesy of Ford Motor Company


Lasco Press spoke with Jerry Jordan, producer of “Kickin’ the Tires” in Indianapolis last weekend. He said, “We tried to capture the story to give NASCAR complete validation. However, it was not available within the time frame we had for our publication guidelines.

According to information yet to be confirmed by NASCAR, the racing series’ target launch will be in the third quarter of 2023 and will feature two races of 30-minutes each – one on Saturday and one on Sunday.

  • 12 vehicles in total (3/4 per OEM)
  • Lap time targets are on par with the NG ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) platform.
  • No battery swapping/recharging (review application in Step 2)
  • Unmatched pit stops to correct tire or mechanical/breakdown damage

During a press conference earlier this year in March, NASCAR Chief Operating Officer Steve O’Donnell confirmed that NASCAR is looking at an “Exhibition Series” using electric vehicles. He didn’t say how far along those plans were, but emphasized that the most important aspect of the series, no matter what it looks like, is making sure it’s entertaining for NASCAR fans.

“We’re looking at some opportunities around the exhibition series in that space, and as everyone knows there’s a lot of pressure on all of our OEM partners and potential new OEM partners, so it’s important for us to explore that space,” Donnell told media at the time. “I think there’s a lot of interest from our current partners to be a part of that, but we see NASCAR as a place where we can be all things to all people in an ideal world. So, if you go to a NASCAR event weekend, you can see all kinds of technology you want all weekend, so we’ll look at the Electric Series.

If we’re going to go into the electric space, I promise you it’s going to be exciting and it’s going to fit our portfolio and be something our fans are proud of.

NASCAR goals

The document also lays out goals NASCAR wants to achieve, including the introduction of “all-electric performance vehicles to assess entertainment/participation/receptive demand.”

Other goals include:

  • Show and focus on the high performance of electric vehicles
  • Implement financially responsible BEV racing in NASCAR for participating teams and OEMs
  • Use learnings from the 2023/24 exhibition series to determine the best route in the national series for 2025

Additionally, the document’s images show that NASCAR will field an NG chassis with revised front and rear clips to accommodate the new powertrain and batteries. However, the new design allows the vehicles to retain the suspension and brakes currently used in the Cup Series. While the showpiece appears to use an approved Cup Series body, the sanctioning body and OEMs will investigate the use of SUV/CUV (Sports Utility Vehicle/Compact Utility Vehicle) bodies, leaving the decision up to the OEM.

Calls and messages sent to representatives of all OEMs at Toyota Racing Development, Ford Performance and Team Chevrolet did not return comments prior to publication.

Electric vehicle specifications

The document also covers common electric vehicle powertrains used in Class 1 including:

  • All wheel drive
  • DC voltage – 900 V max
  • Motors – 3 very high power (> 1000 hp)
  • Regen (energy regeneration unit) – 200 kW (kilowatts)

Additionally, NASCAR will take best practices learned from other EV racers and incorporate them into the new program, according to information in the document in question. It is estimated that some of these practices can come FIA– Approved Formula E And Electric production car A racing series, this has seen growing success since its inception. Because electric motors make less noise, NASCAR also “evaluates sound options” and looks to OEMs for input. Finally, NASCAR owns or licenses all of the intellectual property that makes up the new EV racing.



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