Dak Prescott should do what Brady did this season, Coward said

Dak Prescott should do what Brady did this season, Coward said


Dallas Cowboys quarter time Dak Prescott. He is entering the second year of the largest contract in franchise history.

And nearing the midway point of a gargantuan $160 million, 4-year deal, Prescott is well aware that his recent work won’t match his contract numbers.

Prescott was prolific from an individual standpoint in 2021, totaling the second-most passing yards of his career (4,449), completing 68.8% of his passes (410-596) and finishing with the fifth-most passing TDs. Any QB in football.

His productivity and leadership helped propel the Dallas Coasters to the top of the NFC East, but when the postseason began, Dallas was good as a sitting duck, ending another disappointing season after losing to the playoffs. San Francisco 49ers.

And while Dallas comes into this offseason with a stronger outlook, the team has already dealt with significant injuries, including the emergence of a WR. James Washington He will miss 6-10 weeks with a broken foot.

This obstacle, and many other obstacles, increased the pressure on Prescott, and within. Colin Coords Mind, Prescott needs to extract a Tom Brady– Try hard to get the boys back on track for a long time.

“The Dak Prescott Dak that we’ve seen since that rookie year when he went 13-3, the great O-line Dak, the first-first Dak backed up, and you don’t have to carry the offense, Dak,” Coward said on Tuesday’s episode. “The Herd”

“You don’t have it now. Amari Cooperno Lael Collinsno Cedric WilsonJames Washington is gone, fading away Ezekiel Elliott., and the offensive line is getting old. … Brady needs to do what he did for 20 years in New England: take your Troy Browns, Deion Branches and Danny Amendolas and make them stars. I don’t know if that’s in his toolbox.

How James Washington’s injury will put more pressure on Dak Prescott

How James Washington's injury will put more pressure on Dak Prescott

The Dallas Cowboys are off to a rough start, especially for Dak Prescott. WR James Washington will be out 6-10 weeks with a sprained foot, adding more pressure to Prescott with a weakened receiving corps and offensive line. Colin Cowherd explains why he cares for the Ducks, including how he’ll deal with a Tom Brady-New England Patriots situation.

Finally, Coward is left with one very important question.

“What do you think? Bro, are you going to take over? The good news for the Cowboys is a very bad division, but I think of Philadelphia It will be significantly better. They will face three of the first five games Buccaneers, Rams And Bengals. Of course you don’t have equipment number 2, 3, 4.

“I don’t know if Duck can do it.”

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