Darby’s Sturgeon on Fantasy Tower in the Blue River area

Darby’s Sturgeon on Fantasy Tower in the Blue River area


Cooking is an important part The tower of fantasy. Throughout their adventures, players can cook and forge various items that can be used to heal or give their character specific talents.

Darby’s Sturgeon allows players to raise two Satieties, which affect the character’s self-healing. The tower of fantasy. Increasing a character’s satisfaction basically allows them to regenerate health faster outside of combat. If you continue this lone fish, you’ll need to make your way to the Astra region. Players must visit these maps at sunset or at night, as the fish will not appear at other times.

Where to find Darby’s sturgeon in the Blue River The tower of fantasy?

Darby’s sturgeon is found in the Blue River near the Ecos Ring in Asperia. The fish can be seen around the river, but the one in the middle can be caught without diving into the water. It tends to be larger than other fish in the river, making it easier to spot. To catch the Darby Sturgeon, players should try fishing around sunset.

There is another Darby sturgeon moose in the Blue River at the same location. But to spot the second Darby Sturgeon, players will have to venture further offshore. Darby’s sturgeon can be seen throughout the Blue River, so regardless of the angle you approach the river, you may want to keep a close eye on the water as you approach. It has a silver-ish body with blue fins, which sets it apart from the darker silver bass found in the Blue River.

Once you enter Darby’s sturgeon catch range, you can use your interaction button to catch the fish. When players successfully catch the fish, a small tooltip will appear under their character that says “Found – Darby’s Sturgeon x1”.



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