Davenport football player Iquan Cobb was killed in the Detroit shooting

Davenport football player Iquan Cobb was killed in the Detroit shooting


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) – The Davenport football team is grieving the loss of one of its members.

Davenport University announced Sunday that Panthers defensive lineman Aiquan Cobb died in a shooting Friday night in Detroit. Eyquan turned 21 on August 1, a few days before his 22nd birthday.

“Words can’t describe the pain he’s feeling right now,” head football coach Sparky McEwen said in a statement. “The Davenport football family is heartbroken to hear the news of our teammate and brother Eiquan. He always had a smiley light on his face. He was a diligent student-athlete focused on graduation and success on the field. He was a dedicated teammate, a loyal friend and a loving son and brother. He will be greatly missed by many,” he said.

“The loss of a student-athlete is always impactful, but the loss of EyQuan Cobb to a tragic and senseless gun attack is heartbreaking for our football team, our athletic department and the entire DU campus,” said Athletic Director Paul Louden. Released. “EyQuan was an exemplary student-athlete who made significant contributions on the field and in the classroom. He was a player who modeled the qualities of leadership, commitment and hard work in our DU community. We hope his family, friends and all those affected by his passing find strength in this extremely difficult time.”

Cobb played three seasons for the Panthers after graduating from Detroit Central High School. He played in 10 games on the season, recording eight tackles.

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