Davis Love III sought advice from Tiger Woods; His answer surprised fans

Davis Love III sought advice from Tiger Woods;  His answer surprised fans


Davis Love III will lead the team in the Presidents Cup. LIV Golfers are the ones making the most noise thinking they can’t be part of the team. Love III reveals that Tiger Woods will be included in Presidents Cup plans; “He’s a mentor.

Tiger has done an incredible job the last couple of years. He was very involved.
He has other issues, it’s hard to play and it’s hard to travel, so he’s trying to get himself in shape.
But he is very involved in trying to help the tower and the base.

He’s busy and he’s helping me now.
I talked to him the other day, he’s a loyal boss now. – He spoke to the Fire Drilling Podcast.

Tiger Woods advice

During the discussion, Woods decided to give advice to Love III.

Woods emphasized that Love’s job should be to protect the team. Many were surprised by Woods’ response. “I talked to him and asked him what to do,” Love III told the Fire Drilling podcast. “He told me to protect your team.
It’s my job to get them to play and defend from the outside and play golf like we want to go and win in Charlotte.
There are guys out there to win the Windham (championship) and there’s a legal battle going on.
The game is on and next month I have to work on my pairings, my picks and be ready so the guys who come have a good chance of winning.

Love III responded to whether LIV would allow golfers to be part of the teams if they won in court and were licensed to play in the PGA: “I wouldn’t pick them.”
They are not coming to our group room. I would leave before I was in the group room with three or four of those people.



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