Dejounte Murray and Paolo Banchero beef on social media

Dejounte Murray and Paolo Banchero beef on social media


NBA players Dejounte Murray and Paolo Banchero beefing on social media for an article titled Why?

Photo: Jason Getz / Atlanta Journal-Constitution // Marcio Jose Sanchez (A.P)

Would it really be a proper NBA season if two players didn’t have a beef? But I can’t put my finger on what made the two players so hot on this occasion.

Here is the short story: Dejunte Murray is from Seattle. Paolo Banchero is from Seattle. Murray is a six-year NBA veteran who made his All-Star debut this past season and was recently traded to the Atlanta Hawks. Banchero was selected by the Orlando Magic in the 2022 NBA Draft after leading Duke University to the Final Four in his only season with the Blue Devils.

With training camp not starting until next month, the players like to work out at local pro-am games around the country. Since Murray and Banchero are both Seattle kids, it’s only natural that they both want to play in Isaiah Thomas’ annual summer pro-M Zeke-End.

The heat started on the court, where Murray could be seen taking out Banchero and throwing the ball to himself behind his back. Banchero can be seen throwing the ball back at him when he calls it too small. Ironic considering Murray is six inches shorter than Banchero.


Later in the game, after a foul was committed, the two confronted each other and Murray said, “Is that what you came to see? It’s a human league, he’s a little boy. He is very soft. I am the correct number five.

The beef then went viral after Banchero reposted the highlight reel on his Instagram story, writing, “LOL I didn’t follow me on that gram should everything be private? You better be careful next time, stop sending the double family.”

In response, Murray had his own lengthy response in his Instagram story. He wrote: “That #1 pick your #1 ass when you were a kid asking me to redo it for me @paolo5 no matter what you say don’t get on this internet… you’ve changed from a humble boy. I’ve always been and stand on real shit boy and you know it!!!!!!! You have changed and I have lost my respect!!

He continued, “Be humble. Your current life is real and not a joke!!! I still want to see it. I won because that’s me!!!”

Hard to believe after that long and emotional message. Murray thinks Banchero’s head got a little too big for his own good after being selected first overall in the draft.

Later, Banchero posted, “Same humble kid will always testify for you bro don’t change that narrative for that internet. IT screamed for a great event.

Like many others, Paolo vs. Dejounte wasn’t quite the offseason matchup NBA fans thought it would be, but like most drama on NBA Twitter, fans, including myself, are eating it up.

People are already throwing out funny theories as to why the two are against each other.

Get your popcorn ready for this season’s Atlanta Hawks vs. Orlando Magic matchup.



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