Dejounte Murray told Paolo Banchero he ‘lost all respect for him’ after a wild dunk.

Dejounte Murray told Paolo Banchero he ‘lost all respect for him’ after a wild dunk.


Atlanta Hawks Guard Dejounte Murray They spoke Orlando Magic beginner Paolo Banchero He ‘lost respect’ for him on Sunday night because he has changed since he arrived NBA.

The 25-year-old Murray took to Instagram to tell Banchero that he was no longer humble, saying the Magic rookie ‘tried to change’ that he was the No. 1 pick. 2022 NBA Draft.

Murray disrespected Banchero’s earlier “Welcome to the League” moment and the momentum started. ZK-End Pro-Am competition in Tacoma Community College in Washington on Sunday.

After the jump, Murray got in his face and taunted Banchero with a ball to his chest, pointing out that he was “too small”.

He later went on IG and posted a clip of him admiring Banchero, WELCOME TO THE BIG LEAGUES!!!!!! They said they didn’t respect it….. Oh, I know!!!!!!!! [Sic]”

Paolo Banchero responded to Dejunte Murray

The 19-year-old Banchero shared a story on Meereen Reale on IG and said the Hawks guard didn’t follow him.

Lol, he didn’t follow me on the gram and everything.” Banchero wrote. “Should be personal, huh? Good, so be careful next time and stop the double posting, family.

That’s when Murray didn’t hold back in his response, saying that he no longer respects Banchero after years.

Murray, who said he’ll continue to root for Banchero even if he’s not humble, also says the magical rookie used to work for him back in his youth.

Dejounte Murray has nothing to hold back.

“When I was rooting for you, you tried to make me pick that No. 1,” Murray wrote. “When you asked me to go back to when you were a child.

“[Paolo Banchero] Don’t say anything on this internet. You have changed from the humble child you have always been I also stand on real sh-t boy and you know it.

Murray went on to say that he would like to see Banchero win even if he changes.

“You’ve done it and changed it, and I lost all respect“, Murray wrote. “Be humble. Your current life is no joke.

I still want to see them win Because that’s who I am.

Paolo Banchero was silent.

Banchero no longer responded to Murray but retweeted a fan who excused him as a 19-year-old.

Murray and Banchero are the new ones. NBA Rivalry is something fans can look forward to in the upcoming season.

Both compete with Eastern Conference So they often cross paths.

For now, enjoy Murray’s absolutes Disrespecting this wild pony Banchero.



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