Diablo Immortal is set to receive updates every 2 weeks.

Diablo Immortal is set to receive updates every 2 weeks.


Diablo is immortal The free-to-play mobile game has been the subject of controversy and frustration since it was discontinued a few months ago. Despite frustrations with the proliferation of microtransactions at the game’s top tiers, Blizzard has earned more than $100 million in cash on the game after 8 weeks.

Following success Diablo Immortals Launch, Blizzard announced Extensive update program For mobile game.

There will be new content coming every two weeks, according to the developers. These updates will be minor updates or major updates. Minor updates include battle pass seasons, in-game events, and character improvements. Major updates will be new gameplay features and storyline expansions. All updates are free.

The developers provide bug fixes and quality of life updates “frequently”.

“We convey this boldness not just for added clarity. Diablo is immortal community, but also to equip you with more knowledge around our post-launch content release cycle,” Blizzard said.

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it is Diablo is immortal Pay-to-win?

Diablo is immortal It’s free-to-play, but streamers have noticed that the final game is full of pay-to-win segments. Players need to buy Legendary Crests with real money to get a chance and build a stronger character.

It is not possible to get high rank in your server Diablo is immortal without paying money. You need to buy incentives to meet other great players.

I don’t want to pay? There are ways to make money in real life, but it takes a lot of grinding. There are some daily rewards for earning Eternal Orbs:

  • Award for the first kill of the day
  • Connect to Elder Rift for Rare Crest
  • Give a complete test for robbery
  • Collect Challenge Rift rewards from the previous day
  • Free daily reward box full of resources
  • Complete missions on the Bounty Board for gold and items
  • Find the gems to find and complete the hidden lair

Another option is to complete the Bestiary, a catalog of over 100 monsters. Only three pages can be redeemed each day. Doing so, however, will reward players with 40 battle points, which can be leveled up with battle passes, earning them additional rewards.



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