Ding Ding Fitness Studio near downtown Dallas does a new type of boxing

Ding Ding Fitness Studio near downtown Dallas does a new type of boxing


A new team boxing facility opens in Dallas that is smaller than most boxers. It has been called. Ding Ding Team BoxingAt 3516 Ross Ave. It opens at , a novel fitness experience focused on group boxing classes in a beautiful building near downtown that used to be an auto repair shop.

As per the release, it will open on August 8.

The studio is home to Here and That, bars and restaurants like Sfuzzi’s, Ferris Wheelers, Little Victories and Alice’s, as well as Session Pilates, founded by Brittany Greenon.

Classes are led by Dre Williams, a personal trainer who has worked with champion boxer Robert Brandt. and Adria Alcazar, who is experienced in Pilates and previously served as Regional Director of Curriculum at Baris.

Boxing has become a very popular option because it combines cardio and strength training together. It is especially popular among women. Most local gyms like Lifetime Fitness and more Larry North They have at least one team boxing class on their schedule, and they have concepts like Mayweather Boxing Opened. Facilities in Dallas.

Ding Ding offers a few twists including room layouts and moody blue lighting, televisions and background music.

The layout is different from other group boxing classes where the instructor is on a raised step in the middle of the room and the participants sit on 36 teardrop-shaped punching bags that surround the platform.

Classes are held for 50 minutes, with three rounds of boxing with strength work and core work – similar to what is offered in other group classes.

In a statement, Williams said you don’t have to be a “crazy athlete” to do group boxing classes. Classes are designed to serve participants of all levels.

“When the average person thinks about boxing, they tend to be intimidated – Ding Ding is made for everyone,” he says.

But here’s a bold claim: They say the high-energy, continuous nature of the Ding Ding class guarantees a burn of 600 calories or more.

One thing Ding Ding doesn’t offer is gear. Boxing gloves can be rented or purchased by participants.

A single room is $32, or you can buy one. Packages Like 10 units for $275.

The studio will be open Monday through Thursday, with six classes throughout the day, seven classes on Fridays and three on Saturday and Sunday mornings.



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