DitD and Open Post – 8/1/22: Actual release dates

DitD and Open Post – 8/1/22: Actual release dates

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ICYMI: Another plus from the coaching staff.

Lindy Ruff appears to be the favorite choice to become the first NHL coach to be fired this season. That and other predictions around the league: [The Athletic ($)]

Where else can the Devils improve from last season? One area: “The Devils’ zone defense was respectable, but it was the opposite in the neutral zone.” In Per Sznajder’s career, they ranked 32nd in possessions, while the rest of the Devils’ neutral zone defense numbers were in the bottom-5. [Infernal Access ($)]

A couple of arbitration appointments to remember this week:

Hockey links

John Klinberg has signed a one-year contract with the Ducks.

Rangers sign Kapo Kako to two-year extension

PK Subban isn’t ready to take on a career off the ice just yet. Subban’s agent, Don Meehan: “He wants to play, I can tell you that. But I think he wants to play a position that gives him a good chance at this stage in his career. I think he’s got a certain amount of discretion in where he plays to help the team and work on it without being too aggressive. In other words, he just doesn’t want to play anywhere. It has that measure of freedom,” he said. [Montreal Gazette]

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