Does League of Legends Worlds have double elimination?

Does League of Legends Worlds have double elimination?


of league of legends The World Championship has been a talking point among fans of the game for years, with the main talking point centered around the introduction of double elimination in the knockout stage of the event.

This year, Worlds will not feature a double-elimination bracket in the finals despite fan demand for the format change.

The format of the Worlds has remained unchanged since 2017, with 24 teams initially qualifying for the event. 12 of these teams will go directly to the group stage and 12 will compete in the playoffs. Finally, the 24 fields were combined into 16 groups and four teams from all four groups played in the eight field region for the group allocation.

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The knockout stage, the final stage of the event, features three rounds: quarterfinals, semifinals and grand finals. There is no double elimination in the knockout stage between worlds. If you lose a best-of-five game in the playoffs, you go home.

Last year, Riot said it would “definitely consider” a double-elimination format for future Worlds editions, but that hasn’t come to fruition until at least 2022. The tournament still features single-elimination rounds over the final three weekends.

It’s unclear if Riot has any plans to bring Double Elimination to Worlds for 2023, although it’s safe to say that tournament organizers will be asked about Double Elimination by fans and third-party media members during this year’s Worlds edition.

Worlds 2022 begins with gameplay on September 29. The single-elimination knockout stage of the tournament will begin on October 20 with the quarterfinals.



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