Does The Atlantic think LeBron James should be allowed to play in the WNBA?

Does The Atlantic think LeBron James should be allowed to play in the WNBA?

Secretary b Atlantic A magazine recently used a story about a teenage girl who wants to play high school football. broke up Sport in gender.

Maggie Mertens acknowledges the gender gap between men and women in sports in her essay. But she says, “researchers currently don’t know how much of this is due to biological differences and the lack of support for female athletes to reach their peak potential.”

Mertens thinks that the case of a female athlete and the many “scientific” clues that question the biological differences between the sexes are enough to destroy the entire concept of the gender binary.

The dominant narrative around transgenderism has shifted from clinical discussions of gender dysphoria and mental health disorders to cultural discourses of gender identity, personal pronouns, and affirmations. The final step in colonizing public policy and social norms is to erase the reality of biological differences between men and women.

Mertens asserts that the idea of ​​bisexuality is “too simplistic” to justify her point of view by linking to an article on Twitter about the existence of sexual conditions.

But the fact is that rare genetic conditions prove it again Gender binaryInstead of resisting. There is no third sex or third gamete. And “secondary” gender differences are well established.

Mertens denies this fact Scientists have challenged the belief that boys are, on average, bigger, stronger and faster than girls, she said. But as the saying goes, “This is why you play the game.”

Florence Griffith-Joyner is generally recognized as the fastest woman in history. Her time was 10.49 seconds 100-meter booth It’s still a world record by women runners, but not even among the top 6,000 times by men.

Professional basketball is no different. WNBA in 2011 By 2017, every dwarf in the league’s 20-year history had shared a video to that point.

of Video It was 71 seconds.

The United States Women’s Soccer Team—winners of the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup—dominates the field as they battle against female players from around the world. That made no difference. Teenage boys In the year In a 2017 match, he defeated professional women nearly twice his age.

Mertens would probably repeat this line from her essay to explain those results:

[T]Despite gender differences in sports Show the benefits to menUntil now, researchers don’t know how much of this is related to biological differences, and how much of this lack of support for female athletes to reach their peak potential is still unknown.

In radical gender ideology, testosterone is a social construct.

The inner workings of the human mind are complex. This is why the gender debate focuses on how people behave. “apart from” Depending on whether they “feel” like a man or a woman.

The external structure of the human body is very simple and easy to identify. A person can bench press 250 pounds or not. Either a woman has a 40 inch vertical jump or she doesn’t.

These performance measures are rarely, if ever, all of the world’s most athletically gifted men. Accepting this fact is not sexism. It honors female athletes on their own merits, not in comparison to their male peers.

The Atlantic, like other leftist-controlled institutions, thinks it can create an ex-Nihil world of its choosing.. This impulse reflects a God complex common to those who cannot accept a world of in-group differences.

It is very easy for them Re-shaping Instead of appreciating that men and women, designed by the Creator, are equal in dignity and worth but different in form and function, cultural norms in their own image.

In the end, the girl in the story did not join the group. Her school accepted her request to play, but before she was declared eligible to compete, she quit because of frustration with her audition.

I hope she continues to enjoy the game of football, but it’s hard not to lose the irony of a story about a teenage girl whose feelings have been hurt by adults so that boys are strong enough to play football with the main character.

Human nature remains unconquered.

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