Dovizioso explains retirement decision before end of MotoGP season.

Dovizioso explains retirement decision before end of MotoGP season.


This weekend from the British GP at Silverstone, Yamaha and before Thursday RNF Racing Dovizioso announced his retirement from MotoGP after three races.

The 15-time MotoGP winner has struggled at the end of the 2020 campaign after switching to Yamaha following a short sabbatical at the end of his tenure at Ducati.

Dovizioso was unhappy with his run and feels it is better to call it quits now and bid farewell on his own at his home race at Misano in early September.

“I want to thank Yamaha and the team because they have given me great support and understanding,” he said at Silverstone on Thursday night. “That was very important to me.

“I was relieved to talk to them about my situation. It was a difficult decision because it is always difficult to make such a decision after 20 years. But it’s okay, I’m relaxed and it’s time to make a decision.

“When you’re a rider, during training, a race, and you’re not where you want to be, your mind starts thinking about things and you know it’s time. So this is the reason why I took the decision.

“Now, I mean, as a rider, it’s not good for you to think too much about these things. It’s not just about focusing on the race. When you don’t feel like competing, you start thinking about it more.

“I had that feeling to make this decision and with that feeling I started to think that Misano would be the right race, the last race, the last home race and to finish with a party, with everyone, with my friends and all the fans.”

Andrea Dovizioso, RNF MotoGP Racing

Andrea Dovizioso, RNF MotoGP Racing

Photo by: Gold and Goose / Motor sports images

Dovizioso’s MotoGP career began in 2002 in the 125cc class, becoming World Champion in 2004, 250s in 2005 and MotoGP in 2008 with Honda.

Riding Honda, Yamaha and Ducati machinery during his premier class tenure, Dovizioso returned to Yamaha – the last time he rode the bike in 2011. 2012 at Tech3 – saw him struggle to adapt his riding style to the M1.

During his first session on the M1 at Misano last year, Dovizioso realized the bike’s characteristics were at odds with his riding style and felt he had tried “probably too many things” to be competitive.

“Well, right from the start when I jump on the bike, you really feel the base of the bike at first,” he added. “And I was a little surprised that it caught on right away. I always say.

“I think, that’s the biggest trait I’ve really struggled with. And my way of riding on the Yamaha was not the best way to use the bike’s potential, because Fabio shows that there is an opportunity to compete and fight every race on this bike.

“I worked a lot with the team with Ramon [Forcada, crew chief], Yamaha, try many things – maybe too many things. But I don’t think that’s the main thing because when we change big things it doesn’t affect much.

“It proved the match between my riding style, the way I approach the tracks and the Yamaha’s character just didn’t match up the right way.”

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