DraftKings League of Legends Esports DFS Rundown (LCK/LPL) – August 3, 2022 – FantasyCruncher.com DFS Articles and Insights

DraftKings League of Legends Esports DFS Rundown (LCK/LPL) – August 3, 2022 – FantasyCruncher.com DFS Articles and Insights

DWG Kia (DK) vs Liiv Sandbox (LSB) (4:00 AM EST) (-174 DK)

Both teams were late, however L.S.B He has a chance to use it. DK Back here again (one game losing streak). ShowMaker has access to DK Compared to the current negative mid-late stage L.S.B 13.7, but his ownership is said to be secondary to his role so care should be taken when selecting him in the lineup. However, his teammate Kanyon (despite his more-thought-out franchise) should be heavily considered because people may be more inclined to showMaker exposure because Kanyon hasn’t reached his end-game value. Regardless, Canyon is cheap and leads the team in vspm (1.66), which could help with the result. L.S.B More for the edge of the goal and can score more in competitions.

LGD Gaming (LGD) vs. Thunder Talk Gaming (TT) (4:45 AM EST) (-283 TT)

TT He should have a kill edge compared to the team’s overall K/D in this matchup of 1.09 LGD’s 0.69. Also, Baron’s speed success has been favored. TT More so far by 57% on the contrary LGD’s 41% This makes enhanced damage/abilities more difficult to deal with in combat. Ukal should benefit from this in the middle lane. TT Being very consistent in kills at 4.5 KDA. However, he is projected to be the highest owned center-liner on the board, so teammate Kepler could be a target for hedgers as he has the highest damage rate on the team at 26.9%. with LGD It wouldn’t be surprising if they dominated here without starting two players in the mid and bot-lane roles, but a lot TT If they have high ownership exposure, you may not be able to get yourself out of the field.

Gen. G (GEN) vs. Kwangdong Freaks (KDF) (7:00 AM EST) (-1150 GEN)

The strongest team in the LCK will look to extend its seven-game winning streak here (general) With a team near the bottom of the league KDF. The objective must be strongly supported. General Here compared to 80% first to third tower-rate of KDF 41%, and having the strongest midfield in the league makes that goal easy. Chovi should be targeted heavily in the lineup after previous games above his value and now possessing a projected mid-range in his role. The most efficient player of both teams in the governor General (9.2 KDA) can also be combined with Chovy. On the other hand, the opposite Bote-Lane in the TED has seen a modest drop in prices (with little to no ownership) for those looking to hedge and is doing somewhat more harm. KDF at 29.8% versus the Governor’s 29.6%.

JD Gaming (JDG) vs. Weibo Gaming (WBG) (7:00 AM EST) (-147 JDG)

A kill between the two teams to conclude the game is not that far away. JDG He has a slight advantage with a team-wide K/D of 1.47. WBG 1.19 k/d. The size of Dragon Control has been improved JDG On the contrary, 61% WBG 44% rate though this may give them more chances to win. Since both have high vspm rates for their team (destroying monsters/miniatures), bot-laners can have a huge impact on the success of a battle. hope JDG He might have a tough fight with huanfeng. WBG But the damage (24.9% vs. 23%) should allow Hope to get enough of an edge to win more battles when it happens. Regardless, this matchup could be one of the closest on the table and exposure from both teams wouldn’t hurt if possible.

$ level CPTN on top fan in the middle A.D.C SUP group
High Cultivation (12k / 98.505) Doran (6.6k / 50.89) Peanut (7.4k / 56.49) Cultivation (8k/65.67) Ruler (8.2k / 66.38) Legends (6k / 44.02) General G.G (6K / 58.70)
hope (11.7k / 80.250) 369 (6.4k / 43.40) Beichuan (6.8k / 52.02) out loud (7.8k / 58.37) Kepler (8K/56.95) Lost (5.6k / 43.06) Thunder speech game (5.6k / 47.77)
hope (7.8k / 53.50) Kelly (5.4k / 32.31)
Medium Teddy (9K/57.195) shy (5.8k / 41.88) Canyon (6.4k / 48.92) ShowMaker (7.2k / 52.40) huanfeng (7k / 56.88) Jedi game (5.2K/41.94)
Sand sandbox (4.8k / 35.09)
Low Teddy (6k / 38.13)

Draftkings League Of Legends Esports Dfs Rundown Lcklpl – August

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