Dusty Hernandez-Harrison fights after killing his father Buddy Harrison

Dusty Hernandez-Harrison fights after killing his father Buddy Harrison

In less than 48 hours His father was shotDC boxer Dusty Hernandez-Harrison passed the scene of the murder.

Chilling reminders include blood on the road outside Buddy Harrison’s home in Southeast Washington and bullet holes in a nearby door. It’s the same apartment where Hernandez-Harrison grew up being taught how to fight by his father, doubles by his trainer and just a block from his current home.

“I know it sounds crazy, but I’m doing great,” Hernandez-Harrison told The Washington Post on Monday. “I struggle with one part: I don’t like that he’s alone at the end. The thought of him living there alone, that’s all I struggle with. Other than that, I’m really at peace.

Boxing trainer Buddy Harrison was shot in Southeast DC.

Hernandez-Harrison has confirmed that he will fight as scheduled on Saturday in the main event of the Entertainment & Sports Arena card, where a tribute to Harrison is in the planning stages. Harrison, 62, wanted.”Beltway Fights: Round 3” Hernandez-Harrison and promoter Thomas Laman said the final installment of the series, which aims to revive the sport’s rich culture in the D.C. area, will continue in his absence.

Lamana says, “It is buddhi, which makes you remember buddhi and think about buddhi. “I know Dusty has a great support team around him. … His decision to fight, they’re going to support him. They’re going to be behind him 120 percent — and so am I. We’re going to make sure he’s in the perfect head position to be good on Saturday.”

While Harrison has controlled his fitness over the past five months, Hernandez-Harrison has lost 70 pounds to fight for the first time in 2½ years. Hernandez-Harrison (ed.34-0-1, 20 ballsHe fought as a welterweight early in his pro career and dropped to 270 pounds during a ring hiatus due to the coronavirus pandemic.

During that time, he founded DHH Promotions and became a promoter and put together the first two “Beltway Fights” cards with Laman, who continued to box professionally. This time, Hernandez-Harrison is focused on being in the ring rather than managing the logistics of the match.

“He really enjoyed fighting,” Hernandez-Harrison said of his father. “If I don’t fight on Saturday when will I fight, you know what I mean? I put my body in hell. I didn’t want it all to be in vain.

Harrison was the first to put boxing gloves on his son at the age of 2, and he did the same on Thursday, when the two participated in a workout open to the media at the Navy Yard City Boxing. The next day, Harrison He posted a picture of him and his son “Still lacing up the gloves at 28,” he wrote on social media. I thank Jesus for the opportunity to do this.

That picture has spawned hundreds of tributes to Harrison, whose work in the community includes providing food, clothing and shoes to the homeless. He also helps disadvantaged youth at his gym, Old School Boxing, in Hillcrest Heights, Md. But Harrison often recounts the horror of gun violence close to home, saying he hears gunshots before he goes to bed and wakes up in the morning.

Before Monday, Hernandez-Harrison had not spoken publicly about his father’s death, which D.C. police are investigating as a homicide. Harrison was shot by police outside his home in the 2700 block of 30th Street SE. He was pronounced dead at the hospital.

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The suspects are said to be three men dressed in black and armed with guns. Homicide detectives are searching for a white Kia Optima with Ohio license plate JAU 3816 following the shooting that happened around 11:40 a.m. Saturday.

Hernandez-Harrison said he is “surprised” about Saturday’s fight against an opponent to be named. “… [Harrison was] A great corner man. My dad will tell you, he’s not really an instructor in the gym, like breaking things down, but he’s great in the corner. That’s going to be a tough vote to replace.”


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