Eagles vs. Vikings score: Jalen hurt, Darius Slay star as Philly stomps all over Minnesota

Eagles vs.  Vikings score: Jalen hurt, Darius Slay star as Philly stomps all over Minnesota


Five years after the Eagles rolled over the Vikings at Lincoln Financial Field to advance to the Super Bowl, Philly returned to town Monday night with the same tenacity. Despite coming into Week 1 with high hopes, Kevin O’Connell’s rookie crew looked lifeless from start to finish, while Nick Siriani’s Eagles turned in the best performance of young quarterback Jalent Hurts’ career. Coupled with a solid defense, Hearts outshot the Birds 24-7, which wasn’t as close as the final score indicated.

Here are some quick takeaways from Monday night’s prime-time show:

Why did the eagles win?

Jalen Hurts has officially arrived as a franchise-caliber quarterback, and Jonathan Gannon’s defense has finally given him an excellent extra effort. After mostly beating the Lions on their feet in Week 1, the Hurts were the total package in primetime, scoring Minnesota’s secondary from start to finish and buzzing with hits as the top QB rusher this week. He was precise, agile and even in a deep rush, only using his wheels when needed. It was a true finale performance that involved everyone — AJ Brown, Devonta Smith, Dallas Goedert, even Miles Sanders and Boston Scott.

Defensively, Gannon’s unit was just as impressive, limiting Justin Jefferson to short targets, completely eliminating a Dalvin Cook-led rushing attack and picking off Kirk Cousins ​​twice in the red zone. Star corner Darius Slay headed in the effort, outrunning Jefferson in coverage and keeping Kevin O’Conn’s offense ineffective at all costs. By the end of the night, Slay had two picks and could have easily had five, benefiting from Ganon’s deployment of extra flashes.

Why did the Vikings disappear?

The wide open space they enjoyed in their opening campaign against the Packers is nowhere to be found. Kirk’s relatives got zero run support, regularly failed to connect with those who received the dead bodies of the products, and then forced the toss to find a late spark. Nothing was touched on Kevin O’Connell’s pick-and-roll unit, Dalvin Cook was completely scoreless and the passer took turns dropping key throws — nothing more than what Irv Smith Jr. was about to score.

Defensively, Ed Donatelle’s feisty unit lost the smack from a week ago, playing smooth coverage to allow smooth sailing for Jalen Harts, especially as Camryn Bynum struggled on the back end during the Eagles’ pair of TD drives. The intensity never seemed to be there for Minnesota, which averaged less than four yards per pass in minutes of action. Patrick Peterson tried to revive the streak with a field goal block, but the club was unhappy.

Turning point

You can point to one of Jalen Harts’ second or third TDs, which gave the Eagles the win in front of a roaring home crowd. A 53-yard score to Quez Watkins’ former eye injury to put Philly up 14-0, and the latter’s QB bulldozed through the Vikings’ defense for a 26-yard TD run. Face with two points. Minnesota trailed by several points for the rest of the season.

The game of the game

As for Hurts, his first-half scoring challenge was a stark reminder that he’s one of the NFL’s best combo threats at the position.

What’s next?

The Eagles (2-0) travel to Washington for their first NFC East matchup of the year, taking on the Chiefs (1-1), who fell to the Lions on Sunday. The Vikings (1-1), meanwhile, return home to face Detroit.



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