Emma Raducanu has hinted at the possibility of a major step-down after the US Open.

Emma Raducanu has hinted at the possibility of a major step-down after the US Open.


World No. 10 Emma Raducanu says she would be worried if her ranking drops after the US Open as she has no problem starting from scratch. Radukanu needs a big US Open run or she could drop out of the top 100 after the US’s hard-court swing.

“Regardless of what I said, I think maybe I had some expectations of myself that were a little twisted. And now I really accept it,” Radukanu told Sportkeeda. “Well, it won’t necessarily be pretty or easy, but to be honest, I’m 100% okay with starting over.

I don’t care if my rank drops to 1000 or whatever.

Radukan has made an amazing leap

Raducanu was ranked 150th in last year’s US Open, but then made it through the qualifiers and won the tournament with 2,040 points.

Raducanu jumped to 23rd in the world after winning the US Open qualifier. Since then, Raducanu managed to enter the top-10, but mostly because the players before her could not defend their points.

Raducanu currently has 2,717 points and could lose 2,000 points if she loses early in the US Open. When Radukanu came to New York last year, she was a hopeful teenager with no pressure and no expectations. This year, Raducanu is returning very wise, but there is also a lot of attention and attention on her.

“Yeah, I think I feel — like after the US Open and earlier this year, I feel a lot wiser now. Get back out there,” Raducanu said.

“It’s probably going to take a while, but yeah, I’m really, you know, accepting that and I’m looking forward to whatever journey it takes.”



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