Emma Raducanu reveals her first impressions of coach Dimitri Tursunov.

Emma Raducanu reveals her first impressions of coach Dimitri Tursunov.

World No. 10 Emma Raducanu described coach Dimitri Tursunov as “a very relaxed person” and has enjoyed being around him so far. Last week, The Daily Mail reported that Radukanu will join Tursunov in Washington’s first summer hard court tournament.

In April, Raducanu parted ways with coach Torben Beltz after a five-month partnership. Radukanu is now on a trial basis with Tursunov and judging by her words, she is pleased with what the Russian coaches bring to the table and may decide to hire her full-time.

“He’s a really relaxed person and personality. I think he’s great to be around. 5-When everyone is in the crowd, he’s still cold, maybe he makes some bad jokes. He has a good sense of humor. It’s good. Being in the group.”

He is teaching me how to be easy on myself, not to chase this perfection. [e.g.] You can win, you won’t be perfect,” Raducanu said of Tursunov, per James Gray.

Radukan’s decision was not accepted by some people back home.

This year’s edition of Wimbledon was without Russian and Belarusian players.

British MP Chris Bryant urged the 19-year-old Briton to “consider her options” after hearing Radukan had hired a Russian coach. “The Kremlin will see this as a PR coup and an indication that the UK does not care about the war in Ukraine, so it would be a shame if Emma Radukanu continues with this.

I ask her to reconsider and at least condemn Putin’s barbaric war,” Bryant told The Telegraph. Raducanu has changed three O’Clocks in the past 12 months and tennis experts all agree she needs coaching stability.

It remains to be seen if Radukanu decides to hire Tursunov full-time. Tursunov worked with Annette Kontavet and Aryna Sabalenka before joining Radukan in a trial period.


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