Bayern Munich vs Borussia Dortmund Prediction 23 April 2022

Bayern Munich take on the visitors Borussia Dortmund in the round 31 match of German Bundesliga. The match will be played on Saturday, April 23rd at Allianz Arena (Munich).
Bayern have been playing under the management of Julian Nagelsmann for almost a year – we can begin to sum up the first results. And they are unlikely to be unambiguously positive. They didn’t take the cup, moreover, there was shameful 0-5 defeat in Monchengladbach. The season was unsuccessful due to results of the quarter-finals of the Champions League. There the Germans managed to lose in Spain to Villarreal. At home, they were able to open the score, but not only did not put the squeeze on Unai Emery’s submariners, but did not even transfer the dispute to overtime – in the 88th minute, Chukvueze struck Neuer. And what’s the point that the Star of the South had a serious advantage, if the guests scored almost from a single shot on target by the guests in Munich? The 1st place, most likely, would have been provided not by Nagelsmann, but by any more or less competent specialist.

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Borussia Dortmund also lured a much-desired specialist to the post of head coach last spring – they bought Marco Rose from Monchengladbach. And you can also talk, if not about disappointment, then definitely not about the realization of all hopes. In fact, the black-and-yellows limited themselves almost to the implementation of the mandatory program, and then at the level of the domestic championship. The European competition turned into a disaster: in the Champions League they did not leave the group, losing 2nd place to Sporting, in the Europa League already in the first playoff game, in 1/16, the Germans lost in their native Dortmund to the Rangers (Glasgow) 2-4. And in the Bundesliga, the bumblebees had enough failures like 1-4 at home RB Leipzig. Bayern broke away by 9 points, and 4 rounds before the denouement. Even a draw guarantees the owners the registration of the next title.
Borussia Dortmund won last head-to-head in the 2019 Super Cup. All of the next 7 matches were won by Bayern. Including this season: 3-1 in the Super Cup, 3-2 in the Bundesliga, despite the fact that both meetings were held in Dortmund. Bayern will not have Luca Hernandez, Süle, Coman and Tolisso. Borussia Dortmund was left without a dozen players, which, in principle, is typical for this club at any point of time. Taking into account the problems of the opponent and the desire to win the title at home, we recommend betting that the champion will win in the 1st half and the match.

Prediction for the match:

Bayern Munich to win first half and the match.

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