Chelsea vs Zenit Prediction 14 September 2021

Chelsea take on the visitors Zenit in the round 1 match of UEFA Champions League group stage. The match will be played on Tuesday, September 14th at Stamford Bridge (London).
First of all, we should expect a very bright performance by Romelu Lukaku. The Belgian striker has had a reduced workload in international matches and should be in his best physical condition now. Against the slow defense of the team from St. Petersburg, the forward can be very successful. In general, Chelsea looks much more preferable in each of the position.

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The away team is unlikely to be able to impose any resistance in this situation. If the Brazilians had entered the field, then, perhaps, there would have been some chances of success in attack. But without the key legionnaires, Zenit is unlikely to be able to debug at least some decent counter-attacking game. As for the defensive component, then Zenit will face even greater difficulties than in the attack. The fact is that Zenit’s central defenders are very slow. That against Lukaku is practically a verdict. Sergey Semak is unlikely to provide solutions, thanks to which the team will be able to successfully prove themselves in their half of the field. Sooner or later, Zenit will conceed, and then, when the team reveals itself even more, there may be an absolute failure.
Most likely, now we will see the absolute dominance of Chelsea over Zenit. At home, the team will act very confidently. Plus, all the players are well aware of how important it is to start a tournament with a win. It’s hard to say that this is a simple group for Chelsea, but one of the quartet’s outsiders needs to be confidently replayed. Zenith, of course, really want to support. But you need to be objective. Against the current selection of Chelsea players, Sergey Semak’s men are unlikely to have any chances of decent resistance. The distribution of the odds is entirely in favor of the London side. It’s hard to argue with that. The most appropriate thing here would be to bet on the fact that Chelsea players will be able to take a landslide victory by a few goals.

Prediction for the match:

Chelsea to win with -1.5 handicap

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