Young Boys vs Manchester United Prediction 14 September 2021

Young Boys take on the visitors Manchester United in the round 1 match of UEFA Champions League group stage. The match will be played on Tuesday, September 14th at Stadion Wankdorf (Bern).
Young Boys can hardly count on anything in the upcoming match. The fact is that the team obviously has a weaker selection of players. And even the advantage of the home field cannot help them. Young Boys can carry out several dangerous counterattacks with their fast running attacking footballers. But, objectively, the team will have to stand at their box most of the time, and in every possible way restrain the attacks of their more eminent opponent. Even a small defeat would be pretty good for Young Boys in this situation.

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Manchester United are not favorites in the Champions League, but the team’s players selection is still very impressive. With the return of Cristiano Ronaldo United should look much more solid than in previous seasons. And the English team should be even more confident in dealing with obviously weaker teams. The team has all the capabilities and resources to keep the ball. Absolutely all players have a good pass, and there are performers in the support zone who can stop the Swiss counter-attacks. Nevertheless, first of all, a good attack should be expected from the favorite. Still, at the start of the season, it is difficult to expect the most reliable game. But in the attack, Manchester will clearly find its chances and will gladly convert them.
The last head-to-head between these teams took place in 2018. In both matches, Manchester United was able to be victorious. Young Boys could not score even in one goal of those games. There is no doubt that the English grand is the preferred choice in this clash. The team has notable players, self-confidence and huge ambitions. Manchester United has brought together some of the most talented players in Europe. Plus, there is a superstar, whose presence in the lineup will determine a lot. Not only from a game point of view, but also a psychological one. Manchester will obviously act more solidly, and this should turn into a victorious result. The defense of Manchester is not yet in the best condition, and therefore we can assume that the team will allow goals. Nevertheless, the attacking prospects of the guests can more than cover the possible difficulties in defense. The most logical thing in this situation would be to assume a scenario in which Manchester will be able to score, and do it repeatedly.

Prediction for the match:

Manchester United to score over 2.0 goals.

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